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Primetimer Award Winners: Non-Traditional, Part II

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Asskicker: Favorite Badass
Winner: The Last of Us - Joel
Runner Up: The Mandalorian - Din Djarin

We Heart Bad Boys: Favorite Villain
Winner: The Mandalorian – Moff Gideon
Runner up: Succession – Logan Roy

Ugh, Not You Again: Least Entertaining Villain
Winner: Ted Lasso – Nate
Runner up: Star Trek: Picard – The Borg Queen

Whaaaat? Are You Effing Kidding Me: Biggest Plot Letdown    
Winner: Star Trek: Picard - The Borg Queen is defeated by Picard appealing to Jack's better nature
Runner up: Abbott Elementary - Janine decides to be just friends with Gregory

That Nearly Killed Me: Saddest Death Scene
Winner: The Last of Us - Frank and Bill get married, have dinner, then Bill puts sleeping pills in Frank's wine as Frank requested, and reveals he has done the same to his own drink because he doesn't want to live without Frank, they go to their bed and die together
Runner up: The Mandalorian - Paz Vizsla sacrifices himself to allow the other Mandalorians time to escape

Good Riddance: Most Satisfying Death Scene
Winner: The Last of Us - Ellie stabs David repeatedly after he kidnaps, imprisons and tries to rape her
Runner up: Queen Charlotte - Lord Danbury dies in the middle of sex, freeing Lady Danbury from her unwanted marital duties

Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Most Diverse Cast In A Scripted Show
Winner: Ghosts
Runner Up: Abbott Elementary

Head Rekt: Most Shocking Plot Twist of the Season
Winner: Ghosts – Someone was “sucked off”, but we don’t know who
Runner up: Succession – Logan Roy dies

Ow, That Hurt: Most Painful Cancellation
Winner: Ghosts (UK)
Runner Up: A League Of Their Own

Bye Felicia: Most Joyful Cancellation
Winner: Dr. Phil
Runner Up: Call Me Kat

LMFAO: Funniest Scene From A Scripted Show
Winner: The Mandalorian - Grogu gets an IG mechsuit and immediately starts irritating Din by getting into everything and repeatedly saying yes or no
Runner Up: Ghosts - Issac and the "pervy Puritan" ghost yelling to each other from the windows

My New Happy Place: Favorite New Show Of The Season
Winner: Poker Face
Runner Up: The Last of Us

That Anticlimax Tho: Anticipated New Show That Failed Miserably 
Winner: Night Court
Runner Up: Velma

Long In The Tooth: Show That Still Airs Long Past Its Expiration Date
Winner: Grey's Anatomy
Runner Up: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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