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S02.E03: Football Team

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As Kim decides to take classes at Bill's college and date one of his star students, Bill must walk the line between teacher and dad; Dean and his friends join the football team where Dean finds himself in a tricky situation.

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So Dean had to confess after all, and Keisa tackles him. I'm not sure where Broderick got the idea that the other boy was the one she cheated with. Maybe there will be more fallout in later episodes.

Not sure I liked Kim's plot of taking college classes and dating that guy. At least she finally connected with her dad.

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Going to the breakfast table when Kim was talking about high school had me thinking what was that grown woman doing around a high school. And it didn't change when she was next to the college students outside of her dad's office. 

We are in 1969, right? As the show is set just before the era that I remember I know that the touchdown dance a kid referenced became a big thing to me on Monday Night football and NFL Films in the early 70s with Elmo Wright of the Kansas City Chiefs.  I guess he probably did start in college before the NFL but being in Alabama does remind me of Dean's fairly easy school integration experience as Alabama football didn't really integrate until the 1970 loss to USC.

After Denzel Washington as an integrating head coach in  Remember the Titans and now this I guess it really was a thing down south that school football teams did not cut players and any boy who wanted in was on the team.  I guess that explains why my school had four levels of football and basketball teams yet high school back then was 10, 11, and 12th grades only.

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I'm glad that Kim dating one of Bill's students didn't go the way those sorts of stories usually go. Instead of Bill going nuts about Kim dating, he makes it weird by being way too into them dating. At least Kim got to connect with her dad more. 

Why did Broderick think that Dean's friend was the one who was kissing Keisa? 

"After your brother I thought I would never get to see my son play football again because...well...you know..."

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I love Keisa being the one to tactle Dean. That was hilarious and awesome. She became my favorite of the episode.

I like Bill liking Kim's boyfriend but not wanting to show it because she'll break up with him. I love that Kim knew that's what he was doing. 

I liked Kim's surprised that her dad is a cool professor at college. 

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I liked the idea of a storyline involving Kim dating someone her father approves of, especially the person being one of Bill's students. That part totally worked for me. How they got there just didn't ring true for me. It would seem like so many things would have to line up perfectly to make it happen. There are limits to "it's TVLand/a sitcom just roll with it." 

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