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Billionaire Murders

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Gripping Four-Part Crave Original.  BILLIONAIRE MURDERS features illuminating interviews and compelling details in the case and from the crime scene, as well as access to key figures connected to the couple, and information from confidential sources with insight crucial to the unsolved murder mystery of Barry and Honey Sherman.


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I always wonder about these shows that say they they have crucial information and people saying they know who committed the crime.  I mean possibly true, but honestly if you claim to know who murdered someone would you want to let the murderer know this?  If someone has killed already what would stop them from killing you if they believed you had anything more than speculation to back up your claim?

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This really is an interesting case. Watched eps 1,2 last week, looking forward to seeing the final two. Have learned a lot of detail from this journalist fellow. I do wonder if it was some family member or other close contact.

I also wonder why the police were so quick to jump to murder-suicide with virtually no investigation. Laziness? Outside influencer? 

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I just watched this series.  The cops really screwed up everything.  Of course it didn't help that so many people had been in the house and wandering around and cleaning before the bodies were found.  The cops wanted to call it a murder suicide so they could close the case and move on.  

I think the son did it.  Even his sisters think he did it.  His dad wanted him to pay back millions right before the murders.  The kids hated those statues and the bodies were posed just like them.  I hope the cops make an arrest.  But I don't know if they even care.  I think the cops are just upset that the book/series exposed them for doing such a bad job on the case.  

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