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Spoiler Discussion of the Season Finale of Ozark

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Spoiler Warning for the final episode of the final season of Ozark, S4:E14



Ok so spoiler warning is done. 

Sorry this is my first time posting/joining this forum, I did not see any threads or stickies to discuss the season overall or the show overall.

If this is not allowed please remove and message me where I can discuss the entire show especially the show finale S4:E14.


Ok here goes:  I loved the show until the last episode.  They killed her?  HER?  ReallY???  The best character on the show?


I will never be able to rewatch this show because its a waste of time.  The Byrds got away with everything.  Ruth's entire family got murdered.

I cannot believe they let Ruth die (they being the showrunners/writers). 

what the heck was the point of the show then? Ruth was the only character I was rooting for.

letting her die ruined the entire show.  great show until the finale, though I guess you can say all of season 4 was Water Treading.

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I think you’re good to discuss this in the 4.14 episode thread. It’s assumed people won’t read the thread until they’ve seen the episode, and generally here the thread for the last episode of a season is the place to discuss the season overall, unless the mod has directed otherwise. 

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