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Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths & Secrets

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Join Lucy Worsley on a journey across Europe to visit the incredible locations where royal history was made. From the Spanish Armada to the French Revolution, learn how royal history is a mixture of facts, exaggeration, manipulation and mythology.

I recently watched Queen Anne: The Mother of Great Britain from this series. I'd seen The Favourite with Olivia Colman, and found the additional information in this episode interesting. I plan on watching more episodes of the series as I'm able. 

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This is a well done series, but then again anything with and done buy Lucy Worsley is a great watch and highly recommended.

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I'm pretty sure the French Revolution episode I saw maybe a month ago was from this series. I generally like Lucy, but her repeated use of the phrase "fake news" in this one had me rolling my eyes. 

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I watched the ones on The Reformation (Henry VIII) and Regency (George IV). I can't remember if I watched the Marie Antoinette one or if it was another series. I like them for the most part but I agree there's some forced "fake news" kind of stuff that is trying too hard to make it feel relevant. Like, I'm watching a PBS historical overview for an hour because I'm boring; I don't need you to make it cool for me. Also, I'm not sure I always believe her arguments but I don't mind a competing narratives version of history instead of the definitive truth. 

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