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S01.E09: You're Dropping Out of Rydell?

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A storm hits Rydell as everyone deals with the fallout of the dance. The Pink Ladies each get what they've always wanted, but find it's not all it's cracked up to be. Jane tries to undo the damage she's caused while Olivia considers a big decision. Nancy vows to keep the gang together but when things look hopeless, she gets help from an unexpected source. With the school in a blackout, the future of the Pink Ladies seems more uncertain than ever.

Airdate: May 25, 2023 on Paramount+PINK_109_EA_0704_0111_RT.jpg

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I really love this dress on Olivia! The costumes are so, so good. (Also it helps that Cheyenne is drop dead gorgeous. Between this and Riverdale, I'm getting some great 1950s inspo)

It's sad to see Ritchie go (I'm a little less broken up about Buddy). We need someone to beat Daniels' ass, and if it's not Ritchie, I hope it'll be Gil. 

Daniels is actually so treacherous. Like he sees her absolutely heartbroken about her brother and PROPOSES? TO A CHILD? I know she thinks she loves him but girl. Girl. Girl. Please. Jail for predator!

I also enjoyed Nancy's attempts to get her girls back together. They all need each other! 

What if, for the season finale, they replace Olivia with Susan? I would not like that but it would be good. I feel really bad for Susan. Buddy is the middest guy around. 

Loved Nancy's teen angel!

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I loved that this was a bottle episode confined in time and space (I have no idea why I love bottle episodes. I just do). Clearly Edward/Shy Guy realized something was off when he kissed Cynthia at the dance. I wonder if it's because he realized she would rather be kissing someone else or he would rather be kissing someone else, or just a vague feelings that it wasn't right and something was off. Also, I never would have guessed that Shy Guy's real name was Edward.

I never expected both Buddy and Richie to be expelled. I thought Richie would be punished and Buddy would not be punished at all or have a less severe punishment. 

I can understand Olivia having a crush on Mr. Daniels and possibiliy acting on it, but it's so awful and wrong that he is encouraging it to the point of proposing marriage.  

In terms of staging, "I'm in Love" reminded me of "One Hand, One Heart" from West Side Story. There's religious and wedding imagery. 

I loved that Nancy's guardian angel looks like Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie. I also really enjoyed the song "Brutal Honesty". That's such a part of being a pre-teen/teenager; thinking that everything will be better and all of your problems will be solved if _______. The teenager is usually/almost always wrong.

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