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S10.E13: The Sicilian Error of Color

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While accompanying Red on a series of unusual tasks, Siya learns more about Meera's past; Congressman Hudson attempts to persuade a powerful friend to join his crusade against the task force.

Airdate: May 21 / 23

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Failing to mix the right shade of blue paint is so egregious that it warrants placement on The Blacklist???? 

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So, your last season and you're doing filler episodes?  Really, show?  Also, are we supposed to care about Siya and her mommy issues?

I also think the nosy senator is another distraction that won't go anywhere so why waste time on him?

Obviously, Red is up to something but what I have no idea.

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The most important thing we learned here is that Red has a guy he calls to find new homes for neglected pets and this guy will murder people to accomplish his goals. This makes me feel slightly better about some of the animals this show has abandoned over the years although we don't know how long Red has been doing this for.

I liked how we get a bunch of Reddington side stories crammed together with very little detail. It was a good way to make use of this show's clearly diminished budget.

I'm still not sure what to make of Siya's plot but it seems to me like Reddington is proactively anticipating any moves she might make. Having her switch from her service weapon to one of his choice may have been a setup for something. This could either put her fingerprints on a dirty weapon or puts her service weapon in the hands of someone who won't hesitate to give the FBI an exact copy while doing something nasty with the original.

This show has been on long enough that I guess it would not work at all to have Meera Malik's original actress (Parminder Nagra) come back to play her younger self but I don't think the new actress looks anything like her and it distracted me the whole time.  Is "Meera Malik" a code name like James Bond and it just gets passed from agent to agent along with any children that might get orphaned along the way?

Once again this show has a weird idea of what a budget is. The congressman seems to think the rate at which the Task Force spends money is unacceptable. Again, they would get their allocation at the beginning of the fiscal year and how they spent it would be up to them. Also, the idea that they are spending too much is weird considering how much we have seen them mostly just sitting around lately. Was it that expensive to put Herbie on the payroll? I think this plot would work better if they could include a line about the Task Force repeatedly blowing through their budget, requesting more and the requests always being approved without being scrutinized. It would still be BS but it would sound better.

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The Task Force will have to offset any Blacklist cost by tracking down high value IRS targets. Quid pro Quo Clarice....

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I also find the senator's crusade about the money being spent on an FBI task force laughable considering how much money the government allocates to the DoD and the amount of money they spend on equipment from private companies with pretty much no oversight at ridiculous mark-ups.

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Meera might have killed the birth parents during an op. Then asked Mrs Sutton to initially adopt Siya as a workaround.

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5 hours ago, paigow said:

or they were fakes...

Which was discovered when an unsuspecting buyer tried clean his 'authentic, original' Picasso, and underneath found an illustration of four dogs playing poker.

Other than Meera having a crooked bone in her body (sorry, Dr.) and Mrs. Sutton getting the stamp, which will put Siya onto the trail of Officer Sutton and perhaps her own mother, this episode was pretty much forgettable.

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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .......................................

Yes, this episode was quite the snoozefest.  And if it is any indicator of the remaining 9 episodes it is going to be extremely boring.

Reddington has a garage sale and we get a backstory on Siya Malik's not-mother that no one was asking for combined with the political intrigue of Congressmen Hudson and his quest to get receipts on the Task Force's spending.

How exactly did potential buyers find out about Reddington's garage sale ?  Did he put up signs on lamp posts near the bath house ?
Because that first buyer appeared to walk in off the street.

For next week do we get to watch Reddington fold laundry and also get a backstory about Agnes ? #sarcasm

Ressler's Narcotics Anonymous buddy seems to have up and disappeared like a fart in the wind.

Still no sign or mention of the dogs, Robert Vesco's cat, or Sierra the cat.

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What page of the FBI Ops Manual approves partner-less 24 hour surveillance? Dembe still working on Doctors Without Borders but Plenty of Issues ?

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35 minutes ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

we get a backstory on Siya Malik's not-mother that no one was asking for

Now we know who to blame for Chechen Mafia dominance extending into the 21st Century... Sutton & Malik 

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The weird German scientist who is a Dr. Moreau wannabe just created something for Red... But Red also wants to kill him for mistreating a dog... WTF???!!!

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