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Vortex is a 6 Episode TV Series with all episodes being released on June 2, 2023 on Netflix. It originally aired in France on France 2 in September 2022.

Vortex is set in 2025, thanks to a new technology, police officers can immerse themselves in crime scenes, reconstructed in virtual reality, to help them solve their investigations. When Ludovic, a police captain, uses VR to analyze the crime scene of a drowned woman, Zoé Levy, on Corsen Beach in Brest, he recognizes his dead wife, Mélanie, jogging in the scene. Mélanie, the great love of his youth, mother of his daughter Juliette, died on that same beach 27 years ago, killed while jogging along the same route she took every night. Ludovic has to accept that a temporal rift has opened and he has 11 days to convince Mélanie, her life is in danger. Mélanie and Ludovic realize that by trying to change the past, they are causing devastating and unpredictable butterfly effects to the future, including Ludovic's present life, that has taken him so long to rebuild with his current wife, Parvana, and their son, Sam.

There have been claims of plagiarism since Vortex is very similar from another TV Series "Gods Game".

Tomer Sisley as Ludovic Béguin, a Brest police captain, who was given the opportunity to disrupt two eras and two families. 

Camille Claris as Mélanie Béguin, dead wife of Ludovic, an investigating judge at the Brest High Court 
Anaïs Parello as Juliette Béguin, child of Ludovic and Mélanie, a gynecologist   
Zineb Triki as Parvana Béguin, current wife of Ludovic, a nurse   
Maxime Guenguen as Sam Béguin, current child of Ludovic and Parvana     
Éric Pucheu as Nathan Leroy, commander in the Brest police department
Sandrine Salyères as Florence Leroy, Mélanie's clerk  
Ludovik as Hector Delavigne 
Léo Chalié as Brigadier Kim Jaguin 
Juliette Plumecocq-Mech as Agathe Burtin, a VR technician 
Julien Floreancig as Nicolas Orsat, a prosecutor 
Evelyne El Garby Klaï as Yasmine Ben Salem, a curator  
Marc Andréoni as     Commissaire Etienne Le Goff 
Valentin Riot-Sarcey as Bruno 

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Vortex     June 2, 2023        Netflix    

Episodes 1-6     Titles and Descriptions


S01.E01: Episode 1
When a woman is found dead on the same beach where his wife died 27 years earlier, Ludo stumbles upon a space-time rift with unimaginable consequences.

S01.E02: Episode 2
Ludo uncovers a link between Mélanie's case and Zoé's — and learns that his actions in virtual reality carry disturbing implications for the present.

S01.E03: Episode 3
In the past, Mélanie takes matters into her own hands. Forced to step back from the case after his gaffe with a suspect, Ludo goes home to a nightmare.

S01.E04: Episode 4
A change in command raises new questions. As Agathe begins to suspect his motives, Ludo realizes the killer may be closer than he thought — much closer.

S01.E05: Episode 5
Ludo's revelation sends Mélanie reeling. Outmaneuvered and removed from the investigation, he races to fulfill her dying wish: meeting Juliette.

S01.E06: Episode 6
(Season Finale)

With 90 minutes to spare, Ludo and Mélanie try to outrun fate in their respective timelines. What will become of the present if they succeed?

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