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S05.E20: Now That We've Found Love

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Dramatic changes are on the horizon for the whole gang. With so many lessons learned from their enormous loss, the road forward is destined to be influenced by the past.

Airdate: 05/15/2023

Season finale!

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Omg Jordan is 18, just finished as a freshman and wants to marry for the second time? How long has he even been divorced? 

Lol at Spencer saying he was "All American" and the apparently going to Lincoln NE. The scene at the airport was great, loved it and hope it sticks this time with them. 

Asher's father actually had the only realistic reaction to the baby news. 18, Freshman in college, waitress salary. 




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I would have preferred my idea of Miko killing herself and her family suing Patience, but I figured they would take the lazy approach instead.  I knew after Patience mentioned worrying that Miko could hurt herself that she wouldn't.  (They probably think it's creative because Patience got stabbed instead of shot like Spencer or Coop.)  I'm hoping Coop will find her and they'll somehow save her, not have her dying in her arms or something and crap where they warn Coop against revenge because it would throw away her future and Patience wouldn't have wanted that, etc.

Although I knew they'd likely circle back to something bad happening to Patience at the end, I kept getting really nervous about Olivia, like her plane was going to suddenly blow up as Spencer watched it take off!  There was something kind of like that on a finale of a show I watched a few years ago, but they always did much more awful things for pre-hiatus shows than anything on this show.  I hope that Olivia will get to have a good experience in London and that she and Spencer will be together after an entire season of being rather pointlessly broken up and dancing around it every episode.  But she might have to turn right back around and come back after what happened to Patience, I'm not sure.

Jordan and Layla are harmless enough, I guess.  It's not like when I'd watch Melrose Place or whatever and they would have couples I hated because I would want one of the people with somebody else.  Their wedding planning and subsequent newlywed phase will probably be really annoying and cutesy-pie.  The quarterback at my alma mater is married, but he's like 25.  I don't think Homecoming will be renewed, but if it is, it would be funny to see Simone finding out Jordan was getting married again.  She probably wouldn't care with her current storyline, but her friend Nate would have something entertaining to say about it!

I think with Mr. Adams, they had to have him make the remark questioning whether Asher was the father to cement that he was being a jerk because just telling them it was hard to have a baby when young and poor wouldn't have made him look that bad.

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OMG Patience you never pull it out.  Seriously, show, Coop is your most awesome character and you just CANNOT let her have anything nice, ever.  It’s getting annoying.

Casper Van Diem hasn’t always sounded like a discount Batman, has he?

I don’t care how silly it was I laughed every time they made a “Spencer is so not British” joke (“All-American”, snerk).  Is all the cast British, too?  Those sounded like pretty good accents to my ears.

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As far as I know Daniel Ezra (Spencer) is the only one who is British. According to IMDB Greta Onieogou (Layla) was born in Russia of Russian/Nigerian descent. It doesn't say when she moved to America. As far as I know the rest of the main cast are all American.

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It was stunning to me that the season ended on such an upbeat note for all concerned.  Then came the final minute.  Still, I did not expect so many resolutions to all the arcs, save one.  Normally, I would be annoyed TPTB went down this road.  Now, they'll have to conjure up some silly contrivances to inject frictions and create chasms.  I do not look forward to this at all.

Credit for the horrible consequence of Patience not being tough nor putting up walls.  It stinks that anyone must do that.  But, that is the world.  I note that Miko did not twist nor rip/slice with the knife.  Patience removing it was, indeed, a poor decision.  But, TPTB have left to themselves a range of very plausible outcomes.

I have to say that Jordan being engaged again is an absurdity.  It is, however, entirely within the Layla character to not grasp the quite deep level of commitments that go along with the "gig."  After all, she plays at being a budding music mogul. 

The effecting of British accents by the cast was genuinely fun to watch.  I bet they absolutely wallowed in creating that scene.

It's a fine thing that they've retained much of the premise of the show.  Things have certainly taken some fantastical shifts.  Yet, here again, the writers are basically within a semblance of reality.  They do face a major problem in the fact that the GAU team will be turrible.  Maybe this is how they end Spence's football dreams - getting smashed because he is the one legit talent for any opponent to deal with.

I am pleased the show is slated to return in some form.  I hope it will continue, on occasion, dare to deal with some unpleasant and intractable issues in which all sides are forced to acknowledge and take ownership. 

Memo to TPTB:  There can be no room at the inn for Simone to return.  




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