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12 actors, musicians, and reality TV personalities trade in their possessions, status and glamorous lifestyles on Earth for an insane and hilarious summer on "Mars,” where they compete until there is just one "celebronaut" left standing. William Shatner serves as Mission Control and will deliver intergalactic tasks to these shining stars throughout their journey on the red planet.

Airs: 06/06/2023 on Fox

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This show is right up my alley - random celebrities doing stupid yet oddly challenging stuff, plus Shat! But - Lance Armstrong. I love Adam Rippon and Natasha Leggero, but I don't know if I can sit through Lance Armstrong.

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I liked this show a lot more than I expected to.  I’m a Seahawks fan so I’m probably in the target market as long as Marshawn and Richard Sherman last, but I really liked the campy-vibes of the show, and laughed a ton. If it’s really 48hrs between challenges, it seems like Fox or Hulu must have enough outtakes to just put another 30 or 60 minutes per show up of additional funny side conversations between cast members, I wish they’d do that.

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Okay, I'm in.  This show is funny.  

at first I thought, they don't really think they are on Mars, right?  But then they thought they had an actual astronaut, so....

the computer voice is hysterical.  We couldn't get Matt Damon...  Or whatever she said.  And introduced the comedian as a pedian, because that's what someone misheard.  Too funny.  

I'm only halfway through...

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I decided to watch this solely for Marshawn Lynch and he did not disappoint.   I especially loved that he simply refused to allow Lance Armstrong to use his bathroom.  REFUSED.  And said it was because Lance looked like he ate lima beans and he did not want no lima bean shit in his bathroom.  I was on the floor.  I cannot stand Lance Armstrong and was so hoping Marshawn would not be polite.  He wasn't and so day made.

Whoever is voicing their "AI" has a nice dry wit.  I loved the intro of Natash Leggoro 'Pedian'. LOL

At first I was confused why Ariel Winter was squeeing about Lance Armstrong and then she called him 'so cool' and I was like, girl, you need to Google.  But then it clicked she was confusing him with Neil Armstrong, and I was so embarrassed for her. 

Porsha : 'I'mma put astronaut on my IG bio for real." 

Did Natasha Leggero called Willaim Shatner "Shatty Daddy?"  I think she did.  HA!

Everybody just seemed to be having fun so it was a nice first ep.

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9 hours ago, DearEvette said:

Porsha : 'I'mma put astronaut on my IG bio for real." 

And she actually did it lol.

This show was way more entertaining than I thought it'd be. It's basically Celeb BB but fun. I wish there were live feeds!

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I enjoyed this waaaay more than I have any right to have enjoyed it!  Shatner looks great (he's 93 or 94 I think) and, of course, loved his delivery of his lines.  I was sorry to see Chris leave as I thought his personality was a bit different from a lot of the others and so he brought a quirkiness that I would find more interesting than the 'hotness' of Adam.  I was surprised that Natasha was deemed Mission Critical.  I think production has done a good job with the layout and structure of this show.

My biggest disappoint is the inclusion of Lance Armstrong.  I really don't like the celebrity of those who have been caught cheating or furthering themselves illegally.  His title should be 'cheater' instead of 'cyclist.'  Oh well.  The producers want him there, so he is there (and I know he has fans, I'm just not one of them).  I still expect to really enjoy this show.

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