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S02.E20: Shell Game

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The CSI team investigates a case where an ambitious investigative reporter is found dead at a peanut factory. Also, everyone in the crime lab buzzes over who Max will promote to day shift supervisor.

Airdate: May 11, 2023



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Josh officially pisses me off.

And while the "will they/wont they" soap opera relationships always annoy me, I don't know what either woman sees in him and after this episode I'm team Allie & Serena. When they were working together I got more of a vibe from the two of them than I ever got from either one of them and Josh.

For all I care, Josh can go wander off into the desert and not come back. Or if that's too mean, at least get him some counseling😂 



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2 hours ago, mammaM said:

I don't know what either woman sees in him

I guess if you like the brooding type. If we're rating CSI's, I'm personally more of a Nick girl. Easygoing, always has a smile on his face, etc. 

And ugh, here we go again with season finales that always gets personal. 

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Allie's annoying but I'm glad she got the job because Josh is a complete mess.  He needs to get his house in order and stop letting it interfere with his job or leave his job.  And yes, Serena needs to move on.

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Tawny Tyler broadcasting the arrest of her husband, Chip and his mistress - good for her!

Penny swapped shift because she has peanut allergy - great excuse by the writers. 😆

Catherine didn’t contribute much to the case except for the team using her contact at a university for access to some databases. She tagged along to the news studio and hanging around the crime lab, talking to people and bothering Max.

Am not a fan of Allie but she deserves that promotion despite having less experience than Josh.

Josh has too many personal dramas going on. Can Jeanette OD and Serena be transferred somewhere else??! UGH. 🙄


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The nut factory owner didn't seem to realize he's going to have to destroy all of his product and sterilize the whole place. Health inspectors take blood contamination very seriously.

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Ugh, I like Josh but I haaaate all of the personal issues and workplace relationship drama. He and Serena need to end it, he and Allie need to work on separate shifts, and the writers need to stop with his family drama.

What was up with almost all of the female cast members flowing locks this episode? Was Allie wearing extensions? Serena looked like she just had a blow out and Max's hair looked fuller than usual. It was very distracting. 

I'm fine with boy half of the medical examiner duo, but please don't let sister half return. She was so unpleasant. I really like the older gentleman who replaced her and his quiet sense of humor. 

Chris Park remains a snarky bitch and I love him.

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I forgot to add that I like the new ME so much and it kills me that they have to make him look incompetent so the CSIs can find an important clue on the body.

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On 5/13/2023 at 8:31 AM, Grizzly said:

I forgot to add that I like the new ME so much and it kills me that they have to make him look incompetent so the CSIs can find an important clue on the body.

He was the big FBI heavy who intervened frequently in NCIS NOLA. Started out as a thorn, ended up working well with them. Liked him there, like him here.

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I spent the whole episode yelling at the teevee "USE A METAL DETECTOR" while they were sifting through all those pistachios looking for the shell casing.  So glad they addressed that, though if there were no hits (because the battery was dead), why did they still think they were going to find it?  I know they were also looking for other evidence, but they seemed super-stuck on finding that shell casing.

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