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S01.E07: Equally Dead Inside

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Jimmy opens up emotionally, which completely freaks Gretchen out.


Again, interesting twists on sitcom formulas. Jimmy sulks a lot, but he doesn't come to any catharsis about his daddy issues.


The ep felt a bit underwhelming emotionally, but OTOH it might have been the funniest one yet.

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I loved Lindsay and Edgar's realizations that they are the sidekicks.  LOL.  So very adorably meta.  I did like that Gretchen and Jimmy were planning on meeting them at the diner.


Jimmy's heckling ideas were hilariously terrible.

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I was so excited to see Jeanine Mason too! I loved Lindsey's utter contempt for motorcycle sidecars being for poor people and dogs.


Jimmy's prepared heckles were just so terrible. And he misspelled "heckle"! I loved the shot of Nancy from Roseanne watching Dana and Gretchen making out.


I loved Gretchen and Lindsey getting frozen yogurt samples because that was funny enough, but when Gretchen tossed her sample cup to get ice cream cake, I was with her. I loved with Lindsey decided to forego the cup completely and just poured it straight into her hand. I like that even in moments that aren't completely necessary to the plot, the show is still funny.

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