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High Desert is an eight (half-hour) episode dark comedy TV Series streaming the first three episodes on May 17, 2023 on Apple TV+. High Desert follows Peggy, an on-again-off-again drug addict, who lives with her mother, Rosalyn, who was always there to support her, regardless of her questionable life choices, in the small desert town of Yucca Valley, California. After the death of her beloved mother, all Peggy has left are judgmental siblings who haven’t forgiven her for becoming a drug dealer, even though the entire family was happy to spend the money she got from her illegal affairs. Peggy decides to make a new start as private investigator, even though she refuses to do any work before 11am. Her new career as a PI will soon get her involved with dangerous people and situations she’s too distracted to notice.


Patricia Arquette as Peggy, an recovering drug addict who decides to make a new start by becoming a private investigator. 

Brad Garrett as Bruce, a private investigator whose business is circling the drain, and who becomes Peggy’s reluctant employer.

Weruche Opia as Carol, Peggy’s closest friend, the bored fiancé of an ER doctor and a permissive new stepmother — who has a secret of her own. 

Bernadette Peters as Rosalyn, Peggy’s complicated mother.

Rupert Friend as Guru Bob, a local ex-anchorman, who, after a trauma, rebrands himself as a mystic desert personality. 

Matt Dillon as Denny, Peggy’s ex, an undeniably charming parolee and a relentless operator.

Christine Taylor as Dianne, Peggy’s buttoned-up sister, who tries to make order of Peggy’s chaos. 

Keir O’Donnell as Stewart

Eric Petersen as Owen

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High Desert     May 17, 2023      Apple TV+      

Episodes 1-3    Titles and Descriptions


S01.E01: Pain Management 
Grieving her mother’s recent death and under pressure from her siblings to get a job, Peggy finds a new vocation in private investigating.  

S01.E02: Two Knockers and No Boyfriend = A Felony
Accused of stealing money from the Pioneertown safe, Peggy takes it upon herself to find the culprit. 

S01.E03: I’m Getting Close to This Guru Bastard
Peggy gets closer to the case of Guru Bob’s missing wife, plus meets her own mother’s doppelganger.

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Gave it a chance. It's absolutely horrid. For a "comedy", it did not make me smile once. And the characters are hella annoying, particularly in episode 3. Will not be watching further.

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Sounds similar to Poker Face, at least superficially?

The creator has credits on Nurse Jackie, Get Shorty and Grace and Frankie but this appears to be the first time she's created and show running?


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2 hours ago, aghst said:

Sounds similar to Poker Face, at least superficially?

High Desert is about a woman who can figure out what you want to hear and then she tells you that she can get it for you, but can not even come close to delivering on her promises.

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I started watching and I immediately thought of Poker Face as well. I like it well enough. I thought it was funny, and I appreciated her con artist takes on being able to get information. I watched most of episode one. How will Bernadette Peters fit in?  Flashbacks?  I like all the actors a lot. 

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5 hours ago, EtheltoTillie said:

How will Bernadette Peters fit in?  Flashbacks?  I like all the actors a lot. 

She meets someone who looks just like her.

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