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S04.E11: Project Starfire

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An unexpected reunion sheds light on Project Starfire, forcing Kory to make a difficult decision that puts her powers to the ultimate test.

Premiere Date: May 4, 2023    HBO Max 

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Best part of this episode was seeing Jason Todd back.  But wasn't he a bad guy the last time we saw him?  Now he's in Gotham, in some secret lair with lots of gadgets, and apparently working with Dick to try and train Tim?  So after one day of training with Jason, now Tim is going to be an expert fighter?  Where did all of the money come from?  Dick or Bruce?  If they were going to bring him back I wish they had shown that he was back with Rose.  Rose disappeared and was never mentioned again.

Tim is a joke.  I laughed when Jason said the suit looked really new.  The one saving grace of this series ending is that I won't have to watch the Mary Sueing of Tim anymore.

I don't fully get what happened with the blue orb, but it seems like Sebastian killed his mom for good and took all her power.  The orb wasn't powered enough so failed, and then Sebastian seemingly killed Connor?  I hope Connor isn't dead.

Brenton Thwaites and Anna Diop have always been the best part of this series.  I loved the delivery of Dick's "making new friends?" remark to Kory after he tracked her down.

So one more episode left.  Is Rachel going to actually use her powers?  Between Rachel, Kory and a hopefully alive Connor, they should be able to take Sebastian down.  I hope this series gets a proper ending.

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