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S01.E06: Sloppy Seconds Ain't My Style

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I like this for what it is but you need to watch it as one of those shows that exists both in time and out of time.  I like most of the characters and the friendship between the Pink Ladies but it really doesn’t work as a prequel to Grease in the purist sense so if you are watching it for that I can see why you would hate it.  But it would be hard to write a current show focused on women set in the 50s that didn’t either look like an incel wet dream or a woke fantasy.    You know “this is the good old days were even strong women knew their place and well…girls can’t drive”  or “hey cool a black Juliet and a white Romeo how novel”.     The show is not at all perfect but it does have its charms.

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The fact that Cythnia was still wearing a skirt when she was "rehearsing" at home with Lydia was important. I get the sense that the first thing Cynthia does when she gets home after school is change out of her skirt and into pants. To me, it says she couldn't wait to start "rehearsing." Also, the fact that Cynthia didn't need to worry about one of her parents or a sibling interrupting speaks volumes about her home life. I wonder if we will ever actually see her parents or found out anything about them.  

When the vote count didn't add up, I'm surprised one of the adults didn't mention rejected write-in candidates as a plausible explanation/excuse.

Once I saw Susan get the diet pills before Driver's Ed, I knew it wasn't going to end well. If she feels a lack of control, she is going to try and exert control whever and however she can, and behind the wheel of the car was the best option at the time. 

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