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S01.E02: The Fitness Test

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The class of '09 must pass a physical fitness test; the trainee most at risk is Tayo, who struggles both in the past andpresent; in the future, these events were behind the radical changes he's made to the Bureau.

Dropping May 10, 2023

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This one focused a lot more on Tayo  who is looking like he is shaping up to be the shows villain.  But the show is building him up to be a sympathetic one which might annoy some people.  I know how “sympathetic villains” chafe a certain class of people.  But the way he is being written is fascinating.  That guy who should have failed out pretty early in  Quantico but partly out of spite just kept on going despite all the odds and during the current timeline might be front an center for a terrible tragedy that informs his rise in the FBI in the future but also the building of his AI that makes  thought crimes a well….thing.   

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I’m kind of fascinated with Poet’s eye in 2034. Looks like there’s some sort of implant she can switch off by pressing behind her ear and her eye looked oddly black, like all pupil, when she did. I haven’t noticed any other characters with this so I’m hoping there’s a story behind it. Do civilians have them or is it some James Bond-style special tech?

Really want something bad to happen to that obnoxious guy who called himself the “fastest WHITE” runner. I was sort of hoping Tayo would deck him, but of course that would have gotten him thrown out of the class, so it’s good he didn’t.

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This was another good episode. It gave good insight into Tayo’s character. Also continued to show how Tayo’s and Poet’s worldviews seem to destined to clash even though they try to be friends. 

Guess Hour was right about Tayo eventually getting married. 

Speaking of Hour, it is interesting that we see her and Poet’s first fight and then in the future we learn they haven’t spoken for 9 years. And Poet’s face there definitely says it wasn’t just a case of two people losing touch and drifting apart. This also makes me think that Hour must have come out clean from the present day investigation or Lennox wouldn’t have told Poet to see her about the information Garza left behind. I wonder if the investigation is the cause of Poet and Hour no longer being in touch.

Not sure what to make of Poet’s eye. Really wanting the backstory on that. 

Also wondering about all the changes Tayo has made with the training with the FBI that Lennox was talking about. I wonder how much of the past will be part of reason for these changes. Also it is interesting that it seems that in trying to make everything uniform and fair across the board, Tayo has gone to far in taking the human element out of it. 

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Brian Tyree Henry is such an incredible actor. He did such a phenomenal job in the scene with Poet telling that story of the cop assaulting him. I don't know what to call what's bubbling underneath the surface of the character. Maybe rage, maybe determination, maybe angst.

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