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S01.E07: Bad To Be Good

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I appreciate Cullen's an art nerd. 

Oh good creepy Eunice is back.

If it were up to me the thief would be the child of Batman and Catwoman who knows they aren't in the will and wants to claim their inheritance.

"In Gotham villains get things done." I mean, Duella's not wrong there.

Turner in the newsboy cap looks like he just came back from his audition for Peaky Blinders.

One thing the show does really well is pairing different characters. I think they've all worked well opposite each other in the different scenarios. My favorite is Stephanie and Cullen but Duella and Carrie is right up there.

I'm impressed Eunice waited so long before going for the kill.

So is a cocktail dress and pearls to Brody's mom what jeans are to the rest of us?

Guys I know you're pressed for time but cover those faces!

Duella you were stabbed through your hand. If you won't go to a doctor on this show find a way to cross over and get treated by my Mary from Batwoman. She'll take care of you.

At some point I want a character, any character, to say "forget it, Jake, it's Gotham."

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Really thought the thief was going to be related to Catwoman somehow.  Surprised they resisted that temptation.  Honestly, I'm kind of down for every new character here to eventually be connected to one of the OGs.  Go all in with the fan service, show!

Love you, Duela (I mean, kind of!), but you better hope there isn't an afterlife because your dad would be so disappointed in you for letting little old Eunice get the drop on you.  And have to be saved by Carrie of all people!  But they made for a pretty entertaining duo, I though.

Yup, Harper and Stephanie just made eyes with each other while bandaging up a bullet wound.  Count down until the hook-up!

Starting to warm up to Turner and his almost bemused reaction to everyone and everything around him.

Cullen continues to be the best.

Oh, Harvey!  I suspect all of this is going to backfire on you so horribly.  Even if I didn't already know about your likely future....

So, those paintings had some kind of Gotham map or gridline of some kind?  I guess the Court of Owls are planning on using it to possibly kill off a bunch of folks?  Because that would just be part of everyday life in good old Gotham!

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Tonight's episode, brought to you by Ruffles!  When you're waiting for an art thief, there's no better choice to satisfy your hunger.

Kind of bizarre that everyone but Stephanie masked up.  Is her face too pretty to cover up?  As the one person who isn't a wanted criminal, if anyone should be trying to hide her identity, it should be her. 

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