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S01.E11: Birds and Foxes

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Frank battles with the idea of getting older when Templeton benches him on the basketball team. Rick asks Emily out on a date, just as Shred realizes he might have a thing for her.

Premiere Date: April 27, 2023       FOX     9pm  
Lindsay Collins
Tristan D. Lalla
Kevin Bigley 

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This episode was so good! I really liked the scene where Frank was giving advice to Emily, it felt so authentic and true to their character and itw as quite a long scene. And the storyline with Frank aging also hit all the right beats. It really drew me in. And it was surprising to see Shred in such a vulnerable state - he is very upbeat pretty much all the time, but in this environment it's not working. And the last "You are cool when you are on muscle relaxers" was so random and funny.

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Dang it!  I missed this episode.  How did the Emily/Rick/Shred thing turn out?

Just found it on Roku.  It was nice that Patel got a chance to go to Canada with Rick.  Loved the last scene of Shred and Frank in bed watching the hockey game.

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