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S01.E08: This Is Not An Exit

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After receiving a troubling call from Iris, Selby rounds up Gloria and Lenny for a road trip in search of Costello, who is close to her breaking point after receiving upsetting news. Costello agrees to abandon her dreams and lead an ordinary life for Iris's sake, but the crushing weight of her disappointment won't shift, and she contemplates a different ending.


Air date: 04.24.23

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I hope it is renewed. Wish it had received some more publicity here in the USA.  HBO doesn't push some of its quality programming as much as it should.  I want to see more of these messy, endearing characters.

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Agreed. I loved the characters, struggle as they do. Reminds me a bit of Somebody, Somewhere. SS is not as dark, but like that one, it's an intimate story centered on what's happening in the lives of these four characters. It's not big stories or tons of action. Just a slice of life for these messed up (marjorly), but still striving for something better, people.

Oh and I love Selby.

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This is a good show, without a doubt, it's just not a show I can binge.  It's not easy to watch.  I liked that the whole season was a story, each episode a chapter more or less.  If there is a second season, I hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel for Costello and Selby.

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