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Sami is a Musical/Comedy TV Series streaming on Prime Video on April 23, 2023, with all 10 episodes being released on the same date. Sami follows the adventures of Sami Sherman a young actress trying to make it as an aspiring Broadway actress/singer in New York City as she navigates through her daily life of auditioning, temp jobs, dating, and all of life's adventures with support from her BFF and her family. There is an attempt to harken back to the endearing physical comedy of classic self-contained episodes in sitcoms of the Golden Age, especially the 1970's. There is an original song in every episode and the majority of 14 original songs were recorded live by the Broadway performers that populate the cast, 2 songs had to be recorded in a recording studio and one song was looped.  

Sami was made specifically for the four main actors to showcase her talents and is loosely based on stories that all up and coming struggling actors experience. This is Cindy Williams last performance, as she passed away three months after the filming had finished.

Sami Staitman as Sami Sherman
Kerry O’Malley as Ellen Sherman, Sami's mother
Cindy Williams as Sami's grandmother
Karim Hazime as Sammy Bazzy, Sami's BFF
Alaina Kai Chester as Lily
Quinn Allyn Martin as Sophia
Sofia Khwaja as Emily
Nick Browne as Frankie

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Oops, for some reason it costs money to watch this TV Series. 99¢ per episode or you can buy the entire season for $7.99.

Sami     April 23         Prime Video    

Episode 1-10     Titles and Description


S01.E01: The Commercial
Sami has to self-tape for an audition. It's for a commercial - a product she's not sure about. Her best friend Sammy helps out. She also has an audition for new musical bound for Broadway or off-Broadway or off, off Broadway - well, bound for some stage in NYC.

S01.E02: The Catered Affair
Sami has a temp job working a show business party. She's serving and working the dessert table with some not too pleasant patrons in attendance. And it's another day, another audition in NYC. Today she auditions for yet another new musical bound for some stage in NYC.
Angel Reda as Carly

S01.E03: Open Mic Night
Mom and Sami have to decide on what to wear for the open mic night. Sami asks Sammy, her best friend, to come along for the show. Sami performs at a themed open-mic night at the Triad, a club in NYC. Tonight's theme is the musical Annie, attended by former Annie cast members.

S01.E04: The Dating Game
Sami is set up on a blind date by a friend of a friend of a friend's friend. He's super cute and seems like he's a perfect match. They eat at a local hangout in NYC. Later she had to go to the recording studio to help a friend and record a demo of a new song.
Alessandro Gian Viviano as Greg

S01.E05: The Temp
Sami temps for an big New York City talent agent. While working in his office, Sami overhears a conversation and talks her way into replacing a sick duet partner for the agent's client. She has just a small window of time to learn the song and get ready to perform.

S01.E06: The Three Faces of Sami
Sami auditions for a new play bound for some stage in New York City. She is auditioning for the role of a schizophrenic woman with multiple personalities. Later, Sami is asked to perform a new song written by a friend in a New York nightclub.

S01.E07: Self Taping Sami
Sami has to do a series of self-taped auditions with the help of her best friend Sammy. She has one for a Netflix movie, one for a soap opera, one for a horror film, and one for a food commercial. Later she's back in the recording studio to sing and record a demo of a new song.

S01.E08: What a Day for a Daydream
Being an actress in NYC isn't always easy and the audition grind is hard. You meet all kinds of interesting actors, directors, producers and writers. Sami auditions for another new play, and she daydreams about performing a duet someday in a new Broadway show.
Allie Trimm as Maggie

S01.E09: The Visit
Sami comes home to Los Angeles to visit and brings along best friend, Sammy. She reunites with high school friends and they all catch up on their lives. Sami plays tennis with Sammy, Mom, and Grandma. Later she sings in a local open-mic night.

S01.E10: Sami Goes to Fantasyland
Still home visiting, Sami, mom, grandma, and Sammy reminisce, looking through scrapbooks, while Sami imagines her life as a musical comedy, complete with an "I Want" song, a Grandma song, a Mom song, a BFF song, and a philosophy of life song, then gets a call that could be a life-changer.

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