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S02.E10: Wine & Tastings

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The crew goes to a wine-tasting event at a very exclusive club. Noah and Sherm enter a wine-tasting competition while Anthony and Nicky try to get into the "members only" area. Wyatt and Kristen just want some crab cakes. There's definitely wine in this one.

Season finale

Original airdate 4/28/23

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That really had the feel of a series finale. I was expecting Anthony to join Fay in NYC, but having him to to France with Sherm was less of a trope and fit well with the theme of friendship on this show.

I wish "Finding Frederick Douglass" was a real book. 

I feel like the show finally hit its stride, so if it doesn't come back, that's really sad for timing.

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I genuinely like every single character on this show (and I freaking love the theme song) but I didn't particularly love the finale. Also, I know Nicky and Faye had their best friend send off but are they just never going to mention her again? Did I blink and miss it? I don't expect them to sit around and mourn her loss in every episode or every scene in every episode but did we see how the fellas reacted to her leaving? Did she even tell them?

Crap. Did I miss an episode? She's part of the crew she wouldn't just leave without a goodbye would she?

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Her goodbye was in episode 8. Most of her interaction in that ep was with Anthony and Nikki. They did have a party for her, though.

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