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S02.E06: Wine & Roasts

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Wyatt doesn't know how to roast, so Sherm agrees to help him. Noah tries to make things right with a disgruntled customer. Nicky dates a sleep talker. And there's wine.

Original airdate 4/7/23

Another Fay-less episode. The Anthony hat runner was funny, but odd. It felt like they had written the rest of the episode and needed an Anthony plot that could fit in to three minutes of screentime.

I assume we'll see Noah's new employee again? It was nice to see him at work.

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I loved the hat side bit, especially the Vivienne Westwood at the end. My roasting skills are poor, so I feel for Wyatt. He was so good, until he went too far. 

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At first I didn't like Noah's new employee giving him a lousy Yelp review, but she began to grow on me at the end.  I hope they can work together, and they don't have to hook up.

Anthony should have gotten one of the guys to just shave his head.  It wouldn't take that long for the hair to grow back.

Wyatt got carried away, but some of his earlier roasts were hilarious.  I was never good at it, but my mom sure was. 🤣

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And this episode is why I can't quit this show!  The little plots are just so different from things I see anywhere else.  Sleeptalking as a way to game your relationship?  Brilliant!  Embarrassment over poor roasting skills?  Comic genius!  I also enjoyed seeing Noah at work.  But dang, if it took a disgruntled customer to make such basic suggestions, then I don't have much confidence in him as a manager, or in the owner either for that matter.  

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