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Are you using Safari on iOS 13.3 or lower?

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You may be experiencing problems with image viewing and posting. This should be resolved in a near-term software update.

The main thing to be aware of is that iOS 13.3 and below is "aging out" as they (collectively) do not support newer website programming language conventions and features. The developers are reverting some of the changes they made recently that took advantage of these features (the source of the aforementioned problems) but time marches on and such. When the next major version of this software arrives in a year or so, you can expect it to take full advantage of up-to-date coding features, standards, etc. and that means older devices are going to be end of the line at least as far as this site goes.

If you are using iOS 13.3 or lower on your various devices you may already be experiencing this on other sites. It's only going to get worse. Upgrade to a newer iOS if possible otherwise it's new hardware to solve this problem.

My mom still uses an iPad 2 so I'm right there with you (in spirit at least).

EDIT: Other older devices are not immune. Here is the single coding standard that is causing these problems and where it is and is not supported. 

https://caniuse.com/?search=optional chaining operator

EDIT 2: Also note this is Safari on iOS 13.3 or lower. Just to be specific. Check the link above if you are having problems on other browsers and devices to see if you are hit or miss on this.

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Note that this will be patched when I do the next upgrade (occurring within hours or a day or two of posting this) but point remains that iOS 13.3 or lower users will need to deal eventually.

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