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Am I Being Unreasonable?

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Am I Being Unreasonable? is a 6 (half-hour) episode Comedy TV Series that will release the entire Season on April 11, 2023 on Hulu. The show has already aired in the UK on the BBC in September 2022  and has received a renewal for a second season.

Am I Being Unreasonable? sees Nic grieving a loss that she can’t share with anyone whilst stuck in a depressing marriage. Only her son, Ollie who she adores, keeps her going. But when Jen arrives in town, her life is lit up with laughter and, through this kindred soul, her dark secret starts to bubble up.


Daisy May Cooper as Nic
Lenny Rush as Ollie, Nic's son
Selin Hizli as Jen
Dustin Demri-Burns as Dan
David Fynn as Alex
Juliet Cowan as Viv
Jessica Hynes as Becca
Amanda Wilkin as Suzie
David Fynn as Alex
Ruben Catt as Harry, Jen's son 
Karla Crome as Lucy

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Am I Being Unreasonable?      April 11, 2023     Hulu  

Episodes 1-6      Titles and Description


S01.E01: Episode 1
Nic's lonely, and the cat's missing. Who is this new mum Jen, and what is Nic's secret?
Nic’s lonely, and the cat’s missing. She’s bored at the fete until new mum Jen arrives. Nic’s thrilled to meet a kindred spirit, but is Jen all she seems, and can Nic’s secret stay hidden?

S01.E02: Episode 2
It’s Ollie's birthday, and Nic's paranoid about what she said to Jen on their boozy night.
Nic’s paranoid about what she said to Jen, and Ollie’s birthday party isn’t helping. Thankfully the cat’s back, but Ollie’s not bothered.

S01.E03: Episode 3
Nic makes a shocking discovery. At school, a series of revelations about Jen kicks off.
Nic makes a shocking discovery that changes everything, and at the school gates, a series of revelations about Jen kicks off that begs the question - is it Jen or is it Katya?

S01.E04: Episode 4
Who is Jen, and who is Katya? It's time to reveal the truth about this new mum in town.
Who is Jen, and who is Katya? It’s time to reveal the truth about this new mum in town and see what’s really been going on.

S01.E05: Episode 5
Jen finally shows up, and Nic's forced to make a tough choice with huge repercussions.
Dan’s nervous about Alex’s memorial. When Jen finally returns, Nic’s forced to make a tough choice that has huge repercussions and leads to a shocking discovery.

S01.E06: Episode 6
(Season Finale)

Nic's secret is catching up with her and she's worried she's a bad mum.
Nic’s worried she’s a bad mum and at Alex’s memorial, the pressure mounts and truths will out.

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