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One great thing about Batman is that a lot of the source material is well established in pop culture. You don't even need to have read a Batman comic to be familiar with the main characters and story beats of the Batman mythos. This also means accidentally spoiling your fellow posters isn't a concern in the same way it can be with other comic shows.

That said this is a show set in the world of Batman rather than a specific Batman show so there will undoubtedly be things that the show uses that aren't common Batman knowledge, or are from other areas of DC comics, so here are some guidelines.

Episode threads:

Speculating Mr Freeze, The Riddler, or Penguin may be behind whatever happened in the episode being discussed is fine. Don't let yourself get sidetracked into only speculation because it means the appropriate thread(s) will get lonely. Take it to The Bat Signal. In the event an unspoiled speculation thread is needed we will start one and it will also be appropriate for such discussion.

Speculating Obscure Batman Villain #1, Lesser Known Grey Hat #4, or Brand New DC Character #9 may show up based on something from the episode is not. If you want to discuss any character along these lines you need to take that to another thread. If you include spoilers, take it to that thread. If it's purely based on a comic you read then take it to Gotham Knights vs Other Gotham Tales.

Spoilers and Speculation:

The Bat Signal allows for comic talk. If you see a spoiler that convinces you Dick Grayson or your favorite Batman storyline is coming to the show, then feel free to explain why.

If you don't follow spoilers but think Dick Grayson or your favorite Batman story would fit right in with the show then you need to take it to Gotham Knights vs Other Gotham Tales thread. Even if you don't follow spoilers you could accidentally spoil your fellow posters in the event the Gotham Knights Powers That Be turn out to have the same idea.

The show is new enough that we don't yet know how faithful they will be with regard to the lesser known parts of Batman comics. It's better to take these areas of discussion to another thread than to go off topic in the episode threads.

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