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Royal Protocols & Rules Of The Firm: General Q&A

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Any & all discussion about royal protocols, rules, & regulations.


  • What titles revert to the crown?
  • Why can't you turn your back on the monarch?
  • When do you curtsey?
  • Can royal women go sleeveless?


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I hope this is right thread for this query!

From the Sussex thread… 

5 hours ago, choclatechip45 said:

The only grandchild of Charles who will be a working royal is George. Charlotte is a maybe depending on what the monarchy looks like when she is 18. Louis, Archie and Lilibett will not be.


3 hours ago, Roseanna said:

That's the tradition. But one can't exclude the possibility that the children of Charlotte and Louis are treated equally in the future.

King Edward VII had several grandchildren, and along with Queen Elizabeth II, formed a huge part of the working royals. Four of those cousins/cousin-in-law are still on duty (Princess Alexandra, Duke of Kent, Duke & Duchess of Gloucester). The other working royals are King Charles immediate family (two of his siblings, his son and daughter in law).

With George expected to be the only working royal, assuming the royal patronage thing is still happening when he's grown up, how will the many patronages be distributed, with such a small pool of working royals? Some charities will no longer have them? The Sussexes are unlikely… Perhaps George's second cousins also step in (Tindalls and Philips)? 

For reference, there is a pretty robust database of charities on the royal family website, from supporting "100 Woman in Finance" (The Duchess of Edinburgh, Global Ambassador) to "YSS Ltd (formerly Youth Support Services Ltd; The Princess Royal, patron)


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Honestly, we don't know that George will be the only working royal of his generation. That's just speculation. Personally, I think it unlikely that he'll be on his own, more likely that he'll have both siblings for support. But then again, 15 years or so from now, the monarchy in general will likely look very different than it does now, and we can't really predict what all of those changes will look like. I mean, if we look back to fifteen years ago from today, who among us would have predicted some of the changes we've seen?

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I think Charles’ idea of a slimmed down monarchy had the monarch, his/her siblings, and his/her children as working royals along with their spouses. Charles’ plan was for Harry to be a working royal but not Harry’s children (the way Anne’s children, Edward’s children, and Andrew’s children even before his fall from grace were not intended to be working royals). Charlotte and Louis as children of a monarch (unless William suffers some tragedy before his father dies) and siblings of a monarch would be expected to be working royals but their children would not be unless William decides to change things. 

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