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Royals In The Media: The Press Room

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This topic is only for links to media features:  full articles in the press, video pieces, interviews, etc.

Please state the subject of the link and nothing more.  No editorializing.  Discussion regarding the linked information should take place in the appropriate topic.

Example Post: 


<Link re:  Coronation>. This is a link to an article about the upcoming coronation.

Discussion of <Link re:  Coronation> should take place in the Coronation topic.

Posts containing commentary will be removed and may result in moderation measures.

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Just a tip - there are a few stories out there right now concerning things like a Spare musical, Charles making Louis the heir to the throne and a videogame being put out by Harry and Meghan.  Remember what today's date is before you click those links 😀.

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On 4/21/2023 at 6:51 AM, Llywela said:

A new photo of the late Queen with her youngest grandchildren and most of her great-grandchildren has been released to mark what would have been her birthday. Taken at Balmoral last summer:

It's kind of a sad photo really, all the smiles notwithstanding.  Her Majesty looks quite ill.

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25 minutes ago, Oosala said:

It's kind of a sad photo really, all the smiles notwithstanding.  Her Majesty looks quite ill.

It seems to me that they all realized that this was going to be the last photo of the Queen with most of the youngest members of the family and decided to do it.  The fact that Kate took the photo and it was kept private until well after her Magesty's death indicates to me that they knew how sad it was, but didn't want to let the opportunity pass knowing it wouldn't come around again.

My mom died after a long illness about a month after the birth of one of my nephews.  I've got a bunch of pictures I took of her holding him in her hospital bed.  We knew she was dying, she did, too, but the pictures, even though she looks worse than the queen does here, are special to our family and to the grandson who doesn't remember her.

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I was scrolling YouTube and saw this interview with Princess Anne. I thought it was interesting. 

Hopefully the link works.

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