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S01.E03: Us Against the World

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Relationships are questioned as the Competitors jockey to avoid being sent into elimination. Some Global MVPs begin to distrust the Legend players' gameplay and a scheming Challenger's double-dealing leads to an explosive confrontation.

Airs March 15, 2023 on Paramount+

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Ah! Nelson doing what Nelson does... losing.

This was an unnecessary extension of the last episode. Not a bad episode, but unnecessary. This could have been wrapped up in episode 2.

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As entertaining as I find Kelly Anne, that episode dragged.

Jonna, I love you, but why are you letting Tori and Kaycee get their way yet again?

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  • shantown changed the title to S01.E03: Us Against the World

I wasted time watching TC USA, and from jump found Sara....I dunno, disconcerting?  Hard to articulate.  I don't know what it is about her, but I have zero desire to roll with her or even have her on my screen.

Nelson not being able to figure out how momentum works is so him.

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Given his recent accident, this might have been Nelly T’s last performance. And he made it possible by being unable to figure out the concept of momentum. Did it matter Jujuy was heavy? Either way, it’s sad they only got one block, and that came when it fell in the shared spot of the circles, and Nelson outfought Tristian for it. Great game, bad result. Heart was apparently not enough.

Kellyanne sound so entitled, right? It’s a game. Jonna and her partner had to make a choice. If promises aren’t being broken, it’s probably not The Challenge. Kellyanne lives, and she gets to label Jonna as a sociopath (and possibly worse) until one of them leaves the game. Oh, joy.

On 3/15/2023 at 10:16 PM, bunnyface said:

15 minutes in before we even saw Bananas.  I almost forgot he was there.

Try this: Danny didn’t drop his wife’s name once! It’s a miracle! Equivalent of a 15-seed getting the upset!

”Feh” to this episode, mostly because it came down to eight people: Jonna, Jodi, Kellyanne, Nelson, and their respective partners. The rest weren’t really needed except to gossip and screw around.

Nelson dreaming of a trip with his mother . . . the guy’s dumber than a brick, but you can’t help but feel sad. And with him injured, joking about him feels like punching down. Once again . . . BMP could have easily brought in Fessy for that spot. I think we came out better for it.

Just checking . . . the other hosts aren’t coming back? I was hoping they’d rotate. Give us someone other than Teege for once. He probably had to change his pants after wetting them while watching Nelson struggle.

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Thank you to The Challenge for demonstrating why science communication is necessary. We all know that Nelson wouldn't know what the word "momentum" meant, but they kept yelling it at him over and over again like it was suddenly gonna click in his (tiny) brain. They need to rephrase or give him an example to help him get it. Guess Nelson's "winning" streak is over. 

50 minutes ago, Lantern7 said:

Kellyanne sound so entitled, right? It’s a game. Jonna and her partner had to make a choice. If promises aren’t being broken, it’s probably not The Challenge. Kellyanne lives, and she gets to label Jonna as a sociopath (and possibly worse) until one of them leaves the game. Oh, joy.

KellyAnne is super emotional and a little crazy, but I see her side here. Jonna went out of her way to tell KellyAnne that they would be working together and then threw her in. This is supposedly a close friend. Jonna should have just left it at the first conversation where she said she wasn't sure/didn't know. And even if she knew she was going to throw her in, just tell her and give her the heads up. And now they're all acting like KA doesn't have a right to be upset. Yet all of them were mad when KA was championing throwing in a strong team though. 

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3 hours ago, bunnyface said:

I don't follow a lot outside of here.  What happened to Nelson?


He got into a bad car accident a couple of days ago. 

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The Nelly T injury did make it a little harder to make fun of his performance this time around, but at least he was out before he fell in love again and entered some Sophie's Choice of extending his chances versus costing his love hers. 

Even when they aren't really featured, I'm over the Vacation Alliance people. Just too many series too soon. 

Ah, Kellyanne...I wish her all the best, after her illnesses and such, but even after all these years I sort of feel like she wandered onto set when no one was looking and doesn't know what game she's in. 

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I'm a bit baffled at the Legends vs. non-Legends.  Are they not aware it's not possible for the Legends to betray their own partners?  And that there is no way for the Legends to take over the game?  I recognize that the game is likely to change and that will change that dynamic, but it's weird to hear Danny, for example, talking about he only trusts Tori so much. It's just odd how much there is a us versus them dynamic when us is partnered with them.

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Catching up on this episode late before getting to the new one that came out today. I'm just really enjoying a lot of the MVP competitors and the production in general this season. The discussions and interactions around the house seem more interesting and the posed "hype" clips when announcing teams is a professional look befitting a reality competition on network tv. There's little things here and there I wish were different, mainly the lack of incorporating the other hosts besides TJ, but this is a season that makes me excited to see how it plays out.

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