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S06.E16: Blowback

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I'll give the episode this much: it's the first time in a long time we've had criminals who were from the Indian subcontinent, with the show getting into the politics of that area.

Heck, it might be a first, period.

I'll also say that the drama with the Lucas as well as with Hicks and the son of his former friend also rang true.

Oh, and Hondo Sr. was sure right to tear his son a new one over giving away that retrofitted dollhouse without telling him, though Sr. might have avoided that if he answered his phone a day before.

That's about all I can say that stood out about this episode. Otherwise, it was just a serviceable, if only purely rudimentary, effort.

No Tan tonight, which means I guess next week he's officially done with his suspension.

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It's an OK episode, nearly overpowered by 3 personal dramas.

There's nothing new about the COTW. We have seen this trope many times before in shows like Hawaii Five-O, FBI etc. 

I like the story about Hicks and his friend's son. That Aaron Skinner actor, I recognized him from 90210. Still handsome!

Luca's story is full of clichés - Papa Luca's heart attack triggers Eva, she wants to meet him. Luca is reluctant to open the pandora box, doesn't want to jeopardize his parents' marriage.  The writers even use Hondo's baby as an ice breaker.

Hondo Sr, his usual emotional tantrum and a 40yo dollhouse. It's OK grandpop, that little girl needs a new, modern dollhouse anyway. Let her pop build one for her. 😆


"Dude, we share a house together. I know your snore pattern. Come on, cough it up."

Street, dude... you're being creepy! 👀


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