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S01.E05: Episode 5

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Is it even a spoiler if the ABC website lists all the contestants?



Baseball scholarship. Played pro ball for about five years.

He did? I'm so confused - why didn't the show remind us about this every five minutes? As a viewer, I demand to be constantly inundated with the exact details of every washed-up player's former career!

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Clair seems like the type of person who is bubbly and fun as long as everything is going according to HER plan.  Once she wasn't getting the exact feedback that she wanted from Zack, the drama began.  It's really like Juan Pablo's season.  Many people applauded her for her outburst after JP rejected her, but really, if she believed all that she said, why didn't she leave?  She seemed to be just fine with who he was before he sent her home.  Seems like she can turn on a dime.  

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That was actually Dylan with the 20+ girls, not Marcus.


I remembered it being Marcus as well! But, my memory is not to be trusted. :)


It was Marcus with the 20+ girls.  Dylan was the one who didn't always wash his hands after using the men's room.  I remember this clearly because there was quite an uproar.  Seemed more people were more offended by Dylan's personal hygiene than they were about the guys having to submit to a lie detector test on national television.  Go figure!



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I really don't know how to quote other's comments so that they show up in neat little boxes to I apologize but...

"Right now my favorite thing about this show is the editors. They are brilliant. The horror music when Clare woke Zack in his top bunk was great. The Raccoon shots while Clare voiceovered her therapy session. Genius."

How about when Jessie and Christy were having that bra/douchebag discussion on their date and he was saying, DENY DENY DENY! My friend was over it's not mine. Stage Right... barking dog. I just about lost it.

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I really don't know how to quote other's comments so that they show up in neat little boxes to I apologize but...

One way is to click on the quote symbol in the lower far right corner of a person's entry that you want to quote from. :)

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