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S02.E10: Retrieval

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The catwalk railings were something my kid pointed out immediately. He was also pretty stoked by the actor who played Benny. Kid is of the age to recognize him from Ben 10 and apparently he also voices Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Playstation game. 

Trust is one thing, flinging oneself out to be caught is an entirely different thing. It was cool but holy hell did that have to go just right. 

This is the second time Omega has come up with the solution and impressed Tech. 

"We don't miss." You're absolutely right Wrecker. 

I wonder if we will see any fallout between Cid and the Batch over this? I really hope we do but I also don't want another episode with Cid. I want to see what Rex and Echo are doing. 

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Wellll, he missed Syndulla in the shuttle escaping off Ryloth. But that was unexpected so don't know if that counts. But Clones in general are much better but also, the Batch has been shown to be very good. They hit the weapons of those locals on Skako Minor instead of the persons. And Echo popped off some Zygerrians quite handily, too. 

In short, Mokko wasn't wrong when he described the owners of the ship as potentially dangerous. Uh, yeah, wouldn't screw with them if I were you. *Wrecker growl*

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Now The Batch and all Rebel Clones have essentially unlimited access to Ipsium for insurgent activity... Until Palpatine executes Oliver Twist, The Artful Dodger and the other juvenile thieves....

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