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S01.E02: Let Go Of Me

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I kind of want to smack Lockwood upside the head a bit more this ep, but the actor is doing a good job of making him more than just an arrogant, annoying git. He's giving him some sadness that makes me wonder what made him the way he is. 

I'm liking that they mystery is more of an arc than a ghost of the week kind of thing. Gives them more time to build up the story. 

I also like how they each have different specialties. Lockwood sees, Lucy hears, George, I'm not sure if he has one, but he's the research guy and the one who kind of keeps the other two in check. 

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It doesn't seem like much time has passed since Lucy got there, so it's weird to me how much they seem to have bonded already. Granted, they've been in a few perilous situations together, but I wish there'd been a little bit more breathing room. Anyway, I'm glad the misunderstanding between Lucy and Lockwood didn't get dragged out.

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The pacing was really off in this episode. I liked the first episode, but this one not so much. Were we given any indication how long they've worked together. Because it doesn't seem like that long but they're acting like it's been ages. It was all just off.

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The second episode does slow down a bit. I think it was intentional though. There needed to be time given to put other players on the field. Barnes and Fitts in particular. We also get to see George working his research magic, and we also get to see just how dire things are for Lockwood and Co. We also get to see a hint that Lucy is stronger than your typical "listener".  Plus we have a fantastic soundtrack that makes my goth heart smile! Bauhaus? The Cure? I mean any series that can include "Bela Lagosi's Dead" and "A Forest" in the first two episodes wins a whole bunch of goodwill in my book! 




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