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This is a cooking competitive reality show on Netflix.  The chefs are probably in their 20s-40s and all live together in the same house.  So it's kind of like Big Brother crossed with any cooking competitive show.  I watched the whole thing very quickly, I was so addicted.  I've been trying so hard to find a topic on this show, but I keep coming up empty.  Hope I didn't miss it.

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I loved the replacement of a host with a ticket printer. Gave it almost a horror movie vibe that matched well with the way this shook out to be a social and psychological game more than a cooking contest.

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I watched the first episode.  I like the show.  Different feel with no host on site.  Mike is annoying and his ego is going to get him in trouble if he can't step back.  

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Episode 2 -  I liked how they brought in the first eliminated to sample the dishes blindly.  I thought Renee should have considered putting herself up.  She was the leader and the team lost because of the dishes not being a good fit.  She also did not have the best dish on her team.  Jeana is getting on my nerves now.  

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Episode 3 - Finally Brian left.  I think he lasted longer than he probably deserved.  I think Renee has had too much power in the last couple episodes.  Jeana still bothers me.  

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I just finished the 6th episode.  I am glad to be rid of Jeana.  I think Sergei deliberately got rid of Ed.  It seemed odd the others in the kitchen were all saying that Ed's meal was so great.  Sergei admitted he knew who did which dish.  He said he was honest but I don't believe he really picked the worst dish.  

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I just finished watching the finale.  I was happy with how it ended.  I was surprised that I came to appreciate Mike.  I did not like him early on.  But he was fair.  Several of the others were manipulative in how they played the game.  I always liked Robbie and would have been happy with either him or Mike winning.  I was satisfied when Sergei and Carolyn were split up.  They were that duo that tried to run the kitchen.  I did not need to see Jeana back at the end.  She still annoyed me just by opening her mouth.  

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