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S06.E09: Pariah

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Via The Futon Critic:


When faced with a series of random shootings, one SWAT member's family connections could be the key to stopping the next attack. Also, Hondo prepares to meet Rochelle's parents for the first time, and Tan helps Luca navigate a sensitive situation.


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"With all due respect, why do I have to?"

Oh Hondo...always defiant...but I'd expect nothing less.

I would cringe at the mere thought of a soap opera type storyline for this show but we all know Shemar Moore is a vet and he's done well with this kind of material before on this show so we'll see how it goes.

Soapy-ness was a bit of a theme on this episode, with Luca discovering he had a previously unknown sister. One who seems to have a lot in common.

She's also played by TV vet Kelly Overton, so you know "la sorella Luca" isn't going to be a one-shot deal.

Then there's poor Tan...I guess we'll see what happens with Bonnie but this doesn't look like a good sign.

Oh, and is it just me or was Hicks a bit more amped up than he usually is?

As for the case itself...well, it held my attention and I liked how it emphasized the personal nature of the situation, even if what was said during the episode was a bit idealistic. Getting into the family past of Powell Cabrera was also interesting.

Still, this episode kind of was just "there" and it had all the hallmarks of a "mid-season filler" show. Enjoyable, but forgettable.

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I’m siding with Hondo on this. Rochelle’s dad clearly seem to be an elitist. He wants them to live in the “right” neighborhood so their child can go to the “right” school. Not just a good school, the “right” school. What a jerk

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Seems like Alexis Cabrera has been toned down. Still not interested in her though.

Instead of giving Luca a girlfriend, they give him a half-sister??! Ohh man… I hope the writers will give more depth to this Eva Durant character and we get to see Luca introduces her to 20-Squad family on-screen.

Is Bonnie still grieving from her miscarriage and burying herself in her works to ease the pain?

We all know that Hondo will not follow Deacon’s advice on “playing hostage with the in-laws”. 😆

It took Hondo forever to meet Nichelle’s parents. First, he chickened out and refused to meet them at a fundraiser event. That led to their breakup and now this? Am not looking forward to this side of personal drama. Papa and mama Harrelson are way more interesting and engaging than the Carmichaels. 

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Hondo was totally in the right here.  You don't come into someone's home and start insulting their choices.  If he didn't stand his ground now, you can't really do it later.

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Ugh, Nichelle’s dad! For someone who clearly considers himself classy, he doesn’t have enough class to be courteous to his host as an invited guest in someone’s home. Also? Nichelle and Hondo are adults. Not your business, sir!

Team Hondo.

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