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Help Wanted: Find A Movie/Recommend A Movie

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I believe only this forum can help me, you're my last chance guys !! So i'm desperately looking for that tv movie i've seen in the 90's ! Even just the title !! So it's a made for tv movie like the ones you can see during the afternoon, no big names in it i believe. i've seen it on french tv dubbed in in french but it's an american movie that's for sure. It from the 90's (i don't remember the year but probably between 1993 and 1999). All i remember is that the movie is about a seductive and manipulatrice blond woman, who styles herself like Marilyn Monroe, she's also kinda fragile. Sometimes you love her and sometimes you realise she's very manipulative, and i think she seduces and manipulates a guy (maybe younger than her) and i think i remember it was long and in two parts. It's been years and years i wanna find it. If someone can solve the mystery he's a real champion.  The girl kinda looks like that in the movie : Ee-YNwo-WXYAQ6-I2y.jpg

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