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S02.E07: Let Us Serenade The Shit Out Of You

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I played a lot of Uno at Christmas, too! 

OMG, Max. Shut the fuck up about Sophie. She's stalking Sophie at this point. It's creepy. And she's only just now realizing how self-involved she's been?

I like how the show works in the micro- and not so micro aggressions Ginny faces as a POC. Her English teacher thinks he's being an ally, but he's putting all of the work on Ginny. That's not how it works!

LOL at Marcus's dad seeing him moon Ginny.

Georgia's surprise bachelorette party was hilarious.

The physical casting for Gil isn't as good as it is for the others. It took me forever to realize that young guy was Gil, LOL.

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4 hours ago, dubbel zout said:

The physical casting for Gil isn't as good as it is for the others. It took me forever to realize that young guy was Gil, LOL.

It's funny how people see things so differently because I thought young Gil looked so much like Older Gil that I thought that they were brothers.

I'm going to do a side by side.  I think this illustrates it pretty well.  I find that the Gils look more alike than the Georgias and the Zions and the Joes (the Zions don't look that alike to me but Older Zion is so striking that it must be hard to find someone with that face.  They do a really good job though of trying, I looooove the younger Georgia actor.)  Also, the Gils kinda look like Austin too which I appreciate.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 9.59.48 PM.png download.jpeg

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Comparing the younger/older versions; hair is a huge factor to connect the two. But the actress playing young Georgia has a very crooked bottom lip; older Georgia doesn’t have that. It’s a very obvious “flaw” that I’m surprised she was cast. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it, but Hollywood can be very particular about what’s considered acceptable.

Funny, I was thinking the two Gils didn’t match either until I see the photos upthread. I think young Gil didn’t have facial hair at first (or did he? ::shrug::) so I didn’t realize that’s who he was.

And yes, Marcus is suddenly very off. I guess the show is trying to show that depression is a bitch, and how it can rear its head without warning.

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As soon as I saw flashback Ginny with the painted eye, I knew she was covering up a black eye. So Gil was hitting her. I wish she would be honest to Paul and Zion. I get it's part of her character and how without therapy she won't change and will resort to what worked in the past. But those coping mechanisms are only creating problems in her present. Like just say Gil used to hit me and I don't want him around Austin.

So does Georgia not remember Young Joe or does she? In season 1 there were moments it seemed liked she knew (don't cry over spilled condiments) and he didn't and now it seems the opposite. Why don't they have a conversation about it?

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On 10/12/2023 at 6:27 AM, Puffaroo said:

I sure hope I got the right episode for this -- when Ginny was at Zion's eating pasta, what did she see in the area of Simone's hand? I rewound, but it went by really fast.

She just noticed Simone and Zion holding hands.

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