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S05.E06 Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You.

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On 12/11/2022 at 7:28 PM, SuprSuprElevated said:

I found myslf missing Jimmy, right around the time Beth was 'fckng this' and 'fckng that' with Rip, or maybe when Jamie was fckng brunette Beth.  Best part of the show for me was John's interaction with the dead cowboy's widow.  Other than that, I ignored it.  Oh, and the Lynell/Summer jealousy storyline was insulting, lol. Seriously.

Not only that, but Real Beth called her own husband Rip a m*therfcuker and she wasn't angry or fighting with him, just a form of endearment.  How fucked up is that?

As soon as Emmett closed his eyes under the tree after talking with John, I knew he wasn't going to wake up.  I liked how John handled it and thought the scene with Mrs. Walsh was very good.

I'm sick of Vegan Environmentalist Chick.

I have hated Brunette Beth 2.0 from the get-go.  Now she's going to use Jamie to plot against John and kill him?

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On 12/11/2022 at 8:58 PM, Msample said:

Yeah the Secret Service shooting dogs….yeah, no. They show up waaaay in advance, not 20 minutes before.

That was disturbing.  Yeah, Yellowstone is continuing to kill animals, this time pets.  😥

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On 12/13/2022 at 11:47 AM, Dowel Jones said:

Don't forget her survival of a building-leveling bomb blast, and up and walking around a few weeks after suffering 3rd degree burns over her back.

And home that night after an abortion and hysterectomy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don’t think the show is set in 2022-2023 since it’s not the winter yet. And they are ignoring covid entirely. so don’t assume Biden is the President in this show. 

The President coming to the tribal reservation in the manner that he did would  not have happened in real life. Unless the President and his staff deliberately ignored or refused to learn protocols and political realities in favor of theatrical stunts… oh.   
However I can see Gov.  Dutton behaving in such a manner because he and his chief of staff Beth are both politically illiterate.  He seems to thrive on behaving badly.  Shouldn’t Beth be roaming  the executive offices?   And how did her arrest not make the news cycle? 

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2 hours ago, mythoughtis said:

I don’t think the show is set in 2022-2023 since it’s not the winter yet. And they are ignoring covid entirely. so don’t assume Biden is the President in this show. 

I don’t think the show really cares about the season. They had John’s inauguration ceremony and party on a warm, sunny day, when it would have been held in January. I believe it is set in current time, but they clearly take liberties with things like seasons/weather. 

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"The Governor is right where he needs to be in this reporter's opinion." Said no self-respecting reporter ever. So we have a governor who cares only about his own business, refuses to govern the state and fires anyone else who can run the state.  He would have probably been impeached and removed by now. Who is the Lt. Governor? Probably another Dutton cult member.

I knew that Emnett guy would die as soon as he wanted on the trail but I never remember seeing him until the season premiere. 

All Native American Beth needs is a mustache to twirl. The whole presidential visit was ridiculous. I suspect Jamie will be at the presidential visit.

Jamie is a weak, craven, gullible murderer yet I still find him the only member of the Dutton family that I can have any sympathy for. Well, Kayce too but his marriage to Monica does him no favors. It annoys me that John, like a true narcissistic sociopath takes no responsibility for how Jamie (and Beth) turned out. If he hadn't thrown that hissy fit at Jamie in Season 1 and made him drop out of the AG race, he would probably still have a loyal son with him.

The cowboy stuff was fun, the scenary amazing and at least Monica hasn't been written as annoying in the last two episodes. 

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On 12/13/2022 at 12:29 AM, Dowel Jones said:

I find a bit of entertainment in trying to suss out the product placement in TV shows.  The cars and trucks are obvious, but short glimpses of products are always fun.  Someone exposed just enough of a Coors label in one scene, and I'm sure, since they're a sponsor, Filson jackets abound on the characters.  And the cowboy hats, too. Anyone else notice others?

I've been re-watching the earlier seasons, and in Season One we have boxes of Goldfish crackers piled up in the break room of Jamie's election headquarters, and the very next scene, Tate is laying on the hotel bed, calling out to his dad, while munching...yep...Goldfish crackers. At least space them out a bit. 

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I hate what they've done to Jamie. He could be such an interesting character but now he's just one-dimensional dumb and evil.

Given the way this show rolls I  expected the old guy to drop dead while fishing with Tate so that kid could have another item for the therapy list.

Enjoyed all the cowboy stuff except the 2022 version of "Strawberry Wine."

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