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Love After Lockup: Season 5 LIVE CHAT

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What is Gabby up to exactly?  She's trying to ditch her MIL and SIL on the street or something??

She is a nutjob.

THIS is her master plan to surprise them with the wedding??  Maybe she should have bought some brains with all that money she spent!

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Just now, SemiCharmedLife said:

Well at least Ashley will have a back up plan when Travis cheats on her...  Martin at the ready...

its like the best friend that was in love with the chainsmoker who lived in the trailer what was her name

1 minute ago, Pepper Mostly said:

I bet those two have gotten drunk and banged. Just a wild guess. 


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1 minute ago, Floatingbison said:

How is the new doggie doing?

She’s doing well, @Floatingbison. The only problem with her is that she is reactive to other dogs and people. The trainers said I needed more people to come around and visit to expose her to social situations, but I don’t want anyone visiting me, so there’s that.

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We've met the new crew.  There were tears, adult beverages, cat suits, tiny dogs, tattoos galore, car drama, hotel drama, parking lot drama, and one ex-con who is not a home decor motherfucker! Gabby is back with a tightened vagina and a bleached asshole, which can be compared to when she is at the shore - then she's a beached asshole. 

Skylar is nagging Nathan from prison.  Ashley is fretting over everything.  Monique is wondering if Derek will realize she doesn't look like her photos.  Well, maybe her vulva does; we were not given an opportunity to compare the photo to reality. And we finally met Michael and his keyboard.  Yes, it's a foursome, Justine, Michael, Justine's weave, and Michael's keyboard. 

Until next week, remember you're out now.  You don't have to trip when 5-0 rolls up. 

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Y'all it's COLD!! it's been freezing 🥶 and blustery all day today with more freezing weather this whole weekend and I'm in the balmy southeast NC. We're not used to this and I know you guys are feeling this winter storm as well. Well at least we can laugh and puzzle together with these lal folks. Get all your throw blankets and a hot toddy ready. Merry Christmas Y'all 

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A few thoughts while re-watching last week's episode:

  • Monique's sister's dress at the bar is so short that one small move and we are all seeing the good china.
  • Again, Nathan isn't a home decor motherfucker.  He will, however, trim your tree.
  • The editors did a brilliant cut.  JustSmug is telling us that Michael used to lie to women; then we hear him tell her she looks beautiful. Never change, editors.  Never change. 
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10 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

wait what is the big KNOT that is on the side of her Neighbor/sexbuddys/handyman Martin's cheek?  looks like he's got another head growing out the side of his face

I thought it was a plug of tobacco 

Now I see he smokes cigarettes so maybe not, 🤔 and she didn't offer a spit can either 

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