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Love After Lockup: Season 5 LIVE CHAT

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1 minute ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

Cameron hasn’t given much thought to the day After tomorrow, but we should trust him.

It's like I like to say about my younger son:  He has never heard of this thing called The Future.

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I think Aris should've stuck with the first thing she said to Cam in the hotel room when she was begging off from this boondoggle--that she was "having trouble walking."

Cam would have been strutting around there like a Big Man pouter pigeon instead of bitching to his sisters.

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Congratulations to @Floatingbisonon your soberversary!  You are proof it can be done.  Way to go! 

Until next week, bunkies, protect your muffins, stay off the table, and respectfully get the F out of my car.  I'm off to search the local Goodwill for high quality estate jewelry.  I'm sure I'll find some in the thrown into a random bin.  

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S05.E09:  Drunks In Love


Monique snoops on Derek; Justine’s confession stuns her mom; Ashley spirals out of control.

Monique snooping - where have we seen that before?  Oh yes, every episode since he got out.  Justine tells mom she's knocked up and quit her job, thereby showing that she makes all of the best decisions.  Then, in a surprise to no one, Ashley spirals out of control.  There will be tears.  Oh yes, there will be tears.

Original air date 2023.02.10

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Just now, Keywestclubkid said:

I didn't do the drugs it I was just around it so much my body absorbed it .... I wonder if anyone has ever tried to use that defense lol 

That's much better than "I was holding that for a friend!"

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1 minute ago, SemiCharmedLife said:

Ok, Bunkies, I have officially entered the age of senility. I was adding ice to my beverage and when I went to grab it and my shrimp and grits, the ice was sitting  on top of my freshly cooked meal! 😂 

Table high.


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