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Love After Lockup: Season 5 LIVE CHAT

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From outside reporting, video, and police reports, Gabby was physically assaulted by Chris resulting in a broken tooth and a fracture near the eye socket. While Gabby comes off as a heinous person, no one deserves to be physically beaten by their partner.  No one.  Please tread lightly with your comments so as to not cause collateral damage to other posters. 

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2 minutes ago, SemiCharmedLife said:

Two takeaways:

1.  Super funny story.

2.  I've been missing the boat on how to impress guys.  

Oh I failed miserably at impressing him.  I always had the worst ideas on how to impress boys I liked.  

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1 minute ago, kacesq said:

I think Aris would look lovely with 1/4 of the war paint.

I think Aris is beautiful. She just makes very questionable choices.

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I like the officiant. One of the nicest weddings I ever attended was a second wedding for both partners, and the officiant called their (adult) kids up front and made some lovely remarks similar to hers. Sweet. 

Too bad its Aris and Cameron and she'll have a restraining order out within the year, after he empties her bank account and cheats on her. 

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Just now, SemiCharmedLife said:

Well, he has been locked up for a while...😉

I mean, he wanted to go bowling! He didn't even KNOW about ax throwing bars. 

Good night peeps! You are all hilarious and I enjoyed our time in the rec yard together. Have a great weekend, stay safe, and don't forget to check in with your PO. I love you all. MWAH!

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That's it for this week's edition of every possible thing you can do wrong in a relationship, whether you are romantic partners, siblings, or, heaven help them all, children of the worst parents ever. 

Until next week, pick your best place to be paroled and protect your muffins.

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5 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

Hola bunkies! I swear to God I didn't smuggle those muffins! It was my friend's jacket, I didn't know! 

🎵I stole the refrigerator

But I did not smuggle the muffins🎶

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