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Love After Lockup: Season 5 LIVE CHAT

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2 minutes ago, SemiCharmedLife said:

My prediction is that Travis will last about a week until he cheats on Ashley.

Can I have the under?


Did she say she spent $80k?  As in, on him??  Yeow, she slid into that JPay on a damn surfboard.

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7 minutes ago, Ladystardust said:

Ohh gotcha. So she's going to be on 3 consecutive seasons? I don't think I can watch her pet her hair for that long.

We need to come up with a name for her mane.  It's a character on its own. 

6 minutes ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

I’m afraid people will find out that Travis is an inmate. That’s why I’m on national television.

More great decision making by LAL participants. 

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Cow pictures? Buddha statues?  No quilts? Just throw blankets.  And don't forget her phone, her makeup, her hair dye, her drugs, her gun...  You know, the usual..

Poor Nathan.  Who's that nice lady with him?

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2 minutes ago, Floatingbison said:

two halfway houses don't make a normal house.

Good one, @Floatingbison. You could write fortune cookies as a side hustle!

1 minute ago, kacesq said:

Strangely enough I have never stumbled onto Prison Pen Pals while scrolling Facebook…

You must not be looking in the right (and by this I mean wrong) places!

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5 minutes ago, goofygirl said:

Poor Nathan.  Who's that nice lady with him?

His aunt. She said he lost his mom; I assume that’s his late mom’s sister.

2 minutes ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

I’d love someone to serve me a cocktail right about now.🍹

That one with the dry ice looked good!

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I missed last week's live chat because of a company holiday party.  One of our newest employees wore really long false eyelashes.  She brought her mother as her +1.  Later in the party I let her know her lashes were starting to come off.  Her mother reached up and pulled them off of her.  I had to try so hard to not tell them tales of LAL. 

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