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S22.E26: Live Finale, Part 2

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Host Carson Daly reveals who America has chosen to be the winner; the star-studded finale features special performances by chart-topping artists and finalist/coach duets.

Airs Tuesday, December 13, at 9:00pm eastern on NBC

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Yep, no surprise Bryce is the winner. The country genre has always been the popular choice. I still was hoping for Morgan when it came down to the three. Sure glad Brayden wasn’t in the too three because he had the weaker of all the voice. Sure he’s cute but it’s called the Voice for a reason.

amazing Blake has won nine times! Why wouldn’t choose him for your coach!

see you next season

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Blake acted surprised when Bryce won. LOL He had already just said Bryce already had won because he knew his genre. Blake knew he had it.

I didn't like the wasting entire show and we can barely see the winner at the end. Brayden and Omar ran back onstage to Bryce, seeing them all celebrate with him would have been nice.

Congrats to Bryce! 

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I miss when they would have non-coach singers duet with the finalists. Also the bottom 5 of the top 10 should have gotten to come out. Still not sure what Adam was doing there but nice to see him. The only one out of this season I am at all interested in is Parajita.

Sure looks like Kane Brown is going to have that chair after Blake.

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I had a coworker who made it to the round before the judges a few years ago. I asked him if all 4 judges had turned who he would have picked ( he’s not a country singer).  He said Blake of course.  You have the best chance at winning with his fan base and even if you don’t win you have a greater chance at weeks of exposure on national television before you’re kicked off. So true. 

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Congratulations to Bryce for winning The Voice!  I like country so I'm happy.  I think the performances on Monday night for me is what seperated Bryce from the rest.

Morgan - I thought Morgan lost any chance of winning with that performance of Total Eclipse of The Heart.  She looked so uncomfortable and over the top out there.  I wonder why Camilia chose that to go that direction at this time of the competition?  Morgan's 2nd song was way better and in her comfort zone.

Omar - In my opinion Omar should've been sent home weeks ago and Monday's performance showed that.  Both of Omar's performances were more Broadway than concert. Dressing up and trying to dance like Michael Jackson is what did him in.  He didn't do a good job and quite frankly, I can't believe Legend put him in a position to fail.

Brayden - Plain and simple he sounded awful, especially on his first song.  He did have the weaker voice.  How did he get this far?

Bodie - I really hadn't paid any attention to him until Monday.  I thought he did well.  I'm not sure what his genre is going to be though.  

Bryce - He just did what he does best, plays and sings country music!  He stayed within his zone and didn't try to do anything different.

I think like any reality singing show that has America voting, there is going to be many reasons why people vote the way they do. To me some of the contestants came off a little smug at times.  I think people will notice these things and will vote accordingly.  It can be the way a contestant answers a question or how they act after a performance and other small things that might seem petty, but the fans will notice.

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On a side note, what was Camilla wearing? She looked ridiculous with that bow on her neck and those sloppy sweater sleeves. Plus, SHE can hardly sing. I never understood her rise to the top, although she is a good judge and provides good commentary. 

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I haven't been on Voice's train for many years. I got bored one day this year and decided to check on it. I saw two names popular for the win (Bodie and Morgan). So I watched the final (5) compete before the finale. Only one voice moved me. Didn't know the guy; he was a country singer. I liked a few country songs in my life, but I won't say I am a country music fan. Because I was not attracted to the popular ones, I skipped the finale.  Turned out this guy WON!

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I will say that I was surprised that Bryce won.  Not that he wasn't good but that I thought that Bodie or Omar would beat him.  Heck, the way I was hearing about how upset the voting world was about the final five, I thought they would gang up and vote for anyone but Blake's singers.


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What a dud of a finale. Bryce is such a snooze-fest, I can't believe he made it this long, let alone winning. Nothing against country - I go for voice over genre, so I wouldn't care if a country person with an incredible voice won.  I predict he will not have much of a career as he seems rather one-dimensional to me. 

As for Omar, I found myself envisioning him in musicals on Broadway and I think that would be a great place for his voice. 

This has not been one of my favorite seasons. I usually can find at least a singer or two who really grabs me but this year I didn't really have that. 

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Omar does not have the voice or stamina for Broadway. He should have been cut the last round before top 12. Braydon will release a few singles and hit the country fair circuit. If he gets a decent manager and some voice instruction he could have a steady, C level career. Bodie should stay  independent and not sign with a major label. He would have much more control over his career and get a higher percentage. Morgan will be fine. Blonde country singers from reality TV seem to do pretty well. Look at for example, Lauren Alaina. Bryce is the perfect one from column A, one from column B, practically put together by committee and appeals to everyone performer His blandness is the secret sauce. Doesn't hurt he's easy on the eyes too. Not only will country fans and country radio embrace him, he's got Blake in his corner. I will not be surprised if he's Blake's opening act for his next few concerts if not a tour.

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