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S22.E24: Live Finale, Part 1

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The top 5 artists perform a ballad and an up-tempo song in front of coaches Camila Cabello, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to compete for the title of The Voice.

Airs Monday, December 12, at 8:00pm eastern on NBC

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Favorite performances of the night:

Morgan, Total Eclipse of the Heart, though sometimes drowned out by the music and choir

Morgan, 2nd song, I didn’t catch the title

Bodie, 2nd song, didn’t catch the title. Much more interesting than his first song. The lighting was a little weird at times; he looked like a hologram here and there

Omar, 2nd song Somebody to Love, though the lyrics on the video board in back were distracting

Man, the 2 country singers are largely boring me, but at least Bryce’s second performance was upbeat. Still one the country singers will likely win unless they split the vote

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I thought everyone sounded great. Way too many dancers and supporting vocalists. Bizarre staging all the way around. I’m hoping Morgan wins but other than the kid (I can’t grasp his name, Braden?) I wouldn’t be heartbroken if any of the other 4 won. 

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Brayden's Humble and Kind was a good song choice. 

Morgan's first performance didn't find that could with all the background her voice was lost or not matching. 

Bodie's 2ndd sound was good and moving.

Omar's productions on both songs seemed more show/broadway.

Bryce I think has it, both songs were good and played to country demo in different ways. I'd be shocked if he doesn't win.

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First songs; Bodie's song was boring. Not really feeling it.  Total Eclipse really needs the singer to be at a 10 and Morgan was at 8.5, 9 for most of it. Not familiar with Brayden's song but I hated it. It's like all the worst country stereotypes rolled into one. Worse though, his performance was just insipid and no better than a school talent show. Omar also was Not Good. He was unfortunately shouting more than singing. Random thought, one of his dancers reminded me of Rosie Perez. Bryce was his usual Stepford self. I'm sure the country fans loved it.

Second songs; Changing up the order trying for some suspense. Brayden is adequate, if he was again singing in his school talent show. Not where he needs to be for this competition. Morgan was much better on Girl Crush, that was actually good. Bryce pretending he can rock out. Bodie was a snoozer again. There was just...something missing. I think he would have been better served by a Sting song, if they were available. Also, stop preaching at me. Omar, I so wanted to like him doing Queen. But it was far more ambitious than his voice could support. Freddie Mercury had a near four octave range. If your voice isn't up to that, it doesn't work.

Bryce will be the boringly predictable winner.

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Don’t like Morgan. She appears cocky to me.  Don’t like professionals on this show.

throw Brayden under the bus much. All the coaches were like, you’re so cute, did you have, fun? , see ya, bye.  No one, not even Blake praised his performance.  Sure he’s young and probably never performed much before, especially in front of a big crowd.  But throw him a bone and say something nice about his singing.  Are they all so afraid he might win that they were told to not praise him.  First time Blake pissed me off.  The kid sure had confidence and will no doubt do well in whatever he does in life  I live down the road from him in Ann Arbor 😄 so maybe I’m biased.

I hope Omar or Bodie wins.  They have great voices and great stage presence and charisma.

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