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S03.E06: Ariel

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I see this a lot in movies/TV shows, where something is seen as so evil it's expendable (mermaids in 3x01, vampires in BTVS, etc.) but there's random exceptions that come up without reason. Mermaids are monsters that should be killed without a second thought, unless it's Ariel or a certain other one we meet later. If Charming's cannonball hit Ariel, that would be very awkward. I think it comes back to "it's okay to kill redshirts except when it's totally MURDER", which just stems from lazy writing.

Regina teaching Emma magic sounds fun in theory, but...


it's ultimately pointless. The writers repeated it in 3B and maybe one other time. Regina is a terrible teacher and what Emma learns never actually helps her later.


Was it dark magic when Emma lit the campfire because she was using anger? The Charmings were having such qualms about it, but it was interesting to me that Regina used Emma's own anger against her to make the spell work. The show hasn't really explained why "dark magic" is baaad.

I will never not laugh at Snow's "Neal's alive!" outburst. I wish the show was more consistent about Snow's lack of ability to keep secrets.


She held the eggnapping secrets for YEARS, but once Ursula and Cruella came to town, she had to confess to Regina? 

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