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If anyone can come up with a pithy title for this thread, feel free to suggest one.  This is the place to talk about the NCIS: LA DVDs- the deleted scenes, the commentaries, easter eggs (and how to find them), mini-episodes, and LL Cool Jay/Sam music videos.   


Have at thee.



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Anna, I have watched it about 7 times. lol. That scene makes what happened in Frozen Lake and Kensi's speech so much more understandable. It also makes sense for the flashback to be in that moment .. calls back to episode one, Ascension, when Deeks told Kensi that thinking of her got him through the pain of his torture. Such a parallel. He didn't want it to happen to her and it did.  Also? That flashback was supposed to be in Spoils Of War but b/c of time it was cut and then they were going to put it in Three Hearts and felt like it wouldn't fit there and b/c of time it was cut. I think not using it in Three Hearts was a good idea. Wish they'd found time to have it in Spoils Of War where it was meant to be originally. 


PS: I've watched the Kensi/Eric scene about 3-4 times. It's hilarious! Daniela has chemistry w. everyone on the show. This cast gels well, period. 

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I found the Kensi/Eric scene, but it's the only hidden scene I've been able to find.  Are there more?


I think the Deeks/Kensi scene (swoon) was in a perfect spot, for all the reasons Samantha84 was able to articulate.    I am very glad that I splashed out to buy the dvds.


Why don't Chris and LL do a commentary?  

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Sam that scene never would have fit in Three Hearts. I mean, Deeks told Kensi he loved her, only for them to both take a step back.  You couldn't have put both those events in the same episode.


I honestly wish that if they had to cut Spoils of War for time that a different scene was the victim. I love Sam and Callen and I was happy to see how focused they were on getting Kensi back but until the bullets started flying, those parts seemed to drag at times. And that utterly terrifying description from the terrorist about slowly cutting her head off, followed by a nasty beat-down, would have made Kensi's ability even stand up right at the end even more of a triumph. Then again, leaving the scene in would have detracted from the impact of not seeing Kensi until the end. 


On an unrelated note, the commentary for Frozen Lake was hysterical. 

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I agree, Anna, but I also think that no one believed Kensi was dead so inserting that scene would have been okay. It would have made, as you said, Kensi's ability to even stand up right at the end more of a triumph -- but also when she has that breakdown in Deeks' arms and says, 'It was really bad". make more of a visual impact. It made such an impact after I watched the deleted scene and then that scene at the end. It made that statement pack such a harder punch, for me. 


Yes, the Frozen Lake commentary was hilarious. I love that for that last 4 seasons Daniela and Eric have done commentary on every DVD. Honestly? I'd trade LL and Chris commentary for another one from Daniela and Eric. lol. They have such witty and funny rapport. It comes off onscreen and off. 


I found the Kensi/Eric scene, but it's the only hidden scene I've been able to find.  Are there more?


Yes, KPC, that was the only hidden a.k.a bonus scene. 

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Which ep had the bonus scene?


I don't think that anyone actually thought Kensi was dead, just the visual impact of not seeing her until the end (and pretty beat to heck) would have been lessened.


After seeing that scene, I really do think a ball was dropped in at least mentioning that Kensi had to see a therapist. Deeks and Sam both had to get cleared and meet with Nate after about an hour with Siderov. The Taliban had Kensi for a week. 

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Yes, I think Kensi needs to see a therapist and there needs to be at least a scene w. her telling Deeks that she's seen one. Or perhaps we'll see Kensi being affected by what happened to her in Afghanistan. PTSD of some form. PS: The deleted scene in Three Hearts when Kensi's sitting in the car readying herself to go into work. Some of that was about about Deeks but, in my opinion, the rest was about her going back into the field for the first time post Afghanistan. 

This storyline, this season, was written around and to accommodate Daniela's pregnancy and I think some things were dropped and/or sacrifice. I think season 6 will have a far more cohesive story arc.  

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One of the bonus features started out with Shane Brennan talking about how they had the season mapped out and the story lines planned and it was going to be great....and then Dani got pregnant. Which they were happy about but they had to retool the season. I'd be very interested to know what was planned, what got kept and what was re-done. No one elaborated which makes me wonder if some of the scrapped stuff might show up in Season 6.


Seriously, what ep has this hidden/bonus scene between Kensi and Eric?

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I want to know what the original season five plan was for.  Meeting Deeks' Mom could not take up the whole season.


Why I want Kensi to deal with her own PSTD, I feel like it happened off screen, and that she knew how to let Deeks in to help her (since she was military and had some training in getting taken prisoner).  But I'm fanwanking.


The hidden scene on the first disc is fun.  But it feels a little exposition heavy to me.  


Daniella and Eric do commentaries on the other seasons?  Are any as fun as the one they did for the frozen lake?  Also, the deleted scene for that episode was fun- loved how droll and comic Sam and G were.


Now I have to go watch the deleted scene from spoils of war again.  hee!

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Daniella and Eric do commentaries on the other seasons?


Yep! Season 4: Wanted. Season 3: Neighborhood Watch. Season 2: Anonymous.

Neighborhood Watch commentary is hilarious! My favorite of all their commentary; which is saying a lot b/c I love all of them. 

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since she was military and had some training in getting taken prisoner


When did Kensi serve in the military? We know that she joined NCIS in 2006 (Blye K, Part 2) and that she is 32 years old (same ep). Factoring in college, when would she have had time time to serve?

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The original NCIS doesn't have gag reels on their DVD's either. I think it depends on the actors/production team. Some folks feel like a gag reel is embarrassing and highlighting screw-ups they'd rather keep hidden while others think it's just something funny to put out there. I have noticed that gag reels tend to be more prevalent with comedies rather than dramas.

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