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Season 1: Hospitals, Zombie Guts, and Disease Control

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13 hours ago, Jack 64 said:


In season 1 the walkers used tools, could climb fences... and exhibit intelligence... didn't notice it til I started over


That was the genius of Frank Darabont, he planned to see their capabilities evolve over time. It pains me to think of what the show could have become if he had seen out season two 😭

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Yes, i remember the child zombie with the  teddy, also the walkers climbing over the chain link fence when they were chasing Rick and Glen in the city. Darabont had some good ideas for developing the wider universe and i think it would have been a better show if they'd let him carry on with it, the show had a difficult first couple of seasons with a lot of changes being made at the top.

Another thing Darabont had planned was stories about the wider breadth of the TWD universe, the zombie in the tank with Rick in the early episodes was played by a well known actor because the intention was to have a segment of the show that told the story of how he got there, hence they got a well known actor to play what was a throw away role, i think it was one of the actors from Being human.

This is a review a friend of mine wrote on the first season at the time which i thought made some good points:


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I didn't know where to post this as there isn't a thread for season 1, but I just rewatched the pilot episode last night and fell in love with the show all over again.  It was wonderful to watch the story unfold and to see Rick trying to figure out what was going on.  Just fabulous.  So, I'm going to start a rewatch of the first few seasons.  I always thought Andrew Lincoln was exceptional as Rick and that was reaffirmed while watching the episode.

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