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For when Google just isn't cutting it.


I haven't kept up with the Fantastic Four in a long time. But I found out that Reed and Susan's daughter Valeria is now living with Doctor Doom. Does anyone know why? And I never heard why she's named after Doom's dead wife. What's up with that?

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I know there was an alternate universe where Susan Storm married Doom, and they had a daughter named Valeria. And I think there was a story where Valeria crossed over into the 616 universe. But whether that's current continuity or not, I couldn't say.


I've never been a fan of the Fantastic Four... at all. Sue is the only one of them that I like, and even then, the like is tempered by her connection to Reed Richards.

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I cut off DC Comics cold turkey a year or so ago because I got really fed up with the creator tilt-a-whirl that kept happening, but I downloaded their app again recently because Multiversity piqued my interest for reasons I can't explain.


Why did they jack up the prices for regular comics back up to $3.99?  At least the New 52 were cheap.



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Sadly, I think $3.99 is now the "Industry standard".

Marvel has very few titles at the $2.99 price-point, and DC has dwindled their lower-priced list of comics, too.


Keeping in mind that I'm more of a DC than a Marvel fan...

What happened to the classic Nick Fury?


I know that Ultimate!Nick Fury is the Nick Fury people know from the Marvel Movies; but what happened to the Nick Fury I grew up with? I know they're (apparently) trying to merge the Ultimaes and Marvel Prime univereses together (I know they did the "Spider-Men" mini-series and the "Cataclysm" mini-series"), but have we seen anything of Classic!Nick Fury since then? 

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Classic Nick Fury has

been busy mostly in the background. They brought in his new son Marcus Johnson, who was conveniently named Nick Fury Jr., into the 616 universe. He started out looking one way (really young and hot) and then by the end of his minseries, he looks like just Samuel Jackson and acts like him too. Comics! He was put into SHIELD and is pretty high up in the organization thought Maria Hill is still the director.

I might be wrong but Classic Fury gave up part of his blood to Mockingbird which took the rest of the Infinity Formula out of his bloodstream and caused him to slowly start to age.

In Original Sin we find out that no, it caused him to age pretty rapidly ala Captain America in his book and that the Nick Fury we'd been seeing for a while is actually a really advanced LMD. Actually Fury has a ton of advanced LMDs running around being him while he stays in the background protecting Earth from all kinds of monsters and threats that the regular superheroes have no idea about.

If you like Classic Fury, do not read Original Sin. It pretty much craps on his character, IMO.

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