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Jessica & Dustin: From Prison Nurse to Prison Groupie

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Jessica working as a nurse at the prison. She was strolling through the prison cafeteria when her eyes locked with Justin's.  It was love at first site, or something like that.  Could have been indigestion.  16 years her junior, Jessica quit her job so she could pursue her new prison bae. She is proud to consider herself a MILF; others aren't so proud of her choices, including her 17 year old daughter. 

Dustin, who is doing time for possession and evading arrest, has unfortunate facial tattoos.  Not to be one-upped, Jessica has a large unfortunate tattoo of her own.  At least it's not on her face. 

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21 hours ago, PrincessPurrsALot said:

Jessica ended the season with three tattoos of his name.  She is proving her love to a lying meth head who cannot get clean and stay out of prison.  This story is more tragic than her eyebrows. 

I can't pay attention to any scene she's in for wondering if her eyebrows will go any higher.   Very distracting.

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They really are remarkable, especially given that she seems to have had botox. She would be a very attractive woman is she wasn't permanently surprised (and a total nutcase who abandons her daughter for a total loser while pretending she is a victim of the system). 

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