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A Cut Above

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The ultimate chainsaw carving competition with challenges of artistry, stamina and carving skills. Witness 12 of the best carvers from around the world re-imagine ordinary wood logs into jaw-dropping works of art. 

It took me a while to get around to this watching this show, cuz when I think of chainsaw carvings, I think of tiki gods made from palm tree stumps, but I actually really like it. The host and judges are down to earth and on point, and the cast is interesting and genuine. A lot of the art pieces are wonderful and even moving. 

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For once Discovery Canada is showing their own show before the rest of the world. I think Discovery USA is showing it shortly.

And I agree with the above, the carvings have been incredible, and the challenges and themes have been fun. The hosts and judges have the typical Canadian attitudes. 

I do love how international the competitors are as well, and how well they got along. 

And the BC Forest scenery is gorgeous as always. 

Spoiler for the finale: 


Just finished watching the finale, and I agree, Sam's Viking was the winner. It seemed the most complete work and was gorgeous. 

The Terry Fox was good, but the face was way off and it needed more refinement. 

The Merlin Origin was probably the second best, but I suspect the roughness of the empty spaces cost him in the end. 

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Thanks for the spoiler tag @Taeolas, cuz we are only up to episode 4. You have solved the mystery for me. I did not know this was a Canadian show and was wondering how on earth it ever got made since the contestants are allowed to dress and act like normal people, and they are all supportive and respectful of each other. And no forced drama! If made in the U.S., they would all be made to wear "costumes" that scream "I am from another country!" or "I live in the woods!" and smack talk about each other.

Still loving the show, the amazing artistry, and the good-hearted nature of the competition.   

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Have finished watching season 1 and hope there will be a season 2! Have you heard anything @Taeolas?

I was rooting for Chris, but knew it was neck and neck with Sam. Um, also, I do not really see Vikings invading and pillaging as being heroic. (?!) I have to say I was gutted that Slyvia went out in the semis, cuz I would have loved to see what she would have come up with for the finals. ...and she was bad ass! Loved the show as a whole.  

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