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S43.E05: Stop with All the Niceness LIVE CHAT

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It helped that Geo went to Karla to tell her about the advantage, because that allowed Karla to know if Geo was going to screw up their plan or not. And since he couldn't with KIP, they could safely vote Geo instead of worrying about Geo playing an advantage.

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1 minute ago, DEL901 said:

Geo…just another case of someone who couldn’t keep their mouth shut about an advantage….

Literally would’ve stayed and Ryan would’ve been gone if he didn’t open his big mouth.

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Yes!  Smart decision by Karla and company.  Hope throwing the challenge was worth it.  I was half expecting a tie vote between Geo and Cassidy, and Geo going home on the re-vote (I didn't know if Cassidy would really be stubborn enough to vote against her alliance and vote Ryan).

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